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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

How Do You Act (99)

Are You Refreshed & Able Are You Worried Right Now Are You Breaking The Curse of Abuse & Rebellion

I have separated the Categories into parts, and their contents as the Main Sitemap was to large and to long. It is hard to Navigate, so I did it this way to help you find what Subject/Topic you wish to see. I am trying to get everything moved over into WordPress from Html, and due to Adobe stopped supporting flash, the menus no-longer work. So, I had no choice in doing it this way. Thank You and May God Bless You and Your Family Always and Forever!

  1. 5 Kinds of Words
  2. 5 Ways on How To Become a Christian
  3. 6 Requirements To Escape God’s Wrath
  4. 10 Demands of Sinners By God
  5. 10 Examples of Being Humbled
  6. 10 Facts About Sinning
  7. 10 True Elements of Soul Winning
  8. 10 Things To Be Done With All The Heart
  9. 12 Things Not To Despise
  10. 14 Facts Of Right Doings
  11. 15 Reasons For Praising God
  12. 15 Reasons Why All Should Work
  13. 16 Things a Christian Must Believe
  14. 23 Things Not to Fear and To Fear
  15. 29 Things We Must Show
  16. 30 Things We Do Not Have To Honor
  17. 34 Plus Scriptures on Debating
  18. 46 Ways to be Steadfast with the Lord 2011
  19. 101 Things We Must Do To Walk Right
  20. Acting On What You Believe
  21. Adultery And Divorce
  22. Always Be Willing And Giving NEW
  23. Always Being Thankful
  24. Appreciate The Freedom
  25. Are You Despising Believers
  26. Are You Refreshed & Able
  27. Are You Worried Right Now
  28. Are You Breaking The Curse of Abuse & Rebellion
  29. Availability –– With The Ability
  30. Balance In Your Life
  31. Choosing Life Through Our Words
  32. Complaining Now this Should Be a Good One
  33. Concern for the Poor 1
  34. Concern For The Poor 2
  35. Continue to Wait In Faith
  36. Courage Means Good Attitude
  37. Deliverance From Grief and Bitterness
  38. Denying Truth Exists
  39. Don’t Look Down Look Up
  40. Do All You Can To Seek The Best
  41. Do Not Practice Homosexuality
  42. Do You Want To Or Don’t
  43. Do You Wrongfully Use God’s Name?
  44. Does God Like Mediums, Psychics
  45. Falling Flat On Our Faces
  46. Fasting How Do I Fast
  47. Giving God The Glory
  48. God Has Been My Strength NEW
  49. God Wants You To Enjoy Your Life
  50. Gossip And Being Nosey Nose
  51. Have A Good Laugh NEW
  52. Having A Pure Heart and Powerful Being
  53. Hot, Cold, or Are You Lukewarm
  54. How Can We Experience God’s Forgiveness
  55. How Do I Practice Godliness
  56. How To Be Born Again
  57. How To Receive The Baptism In The Holy Spirit
  58. I Thought, I Think , I Want
  59. Importance of a Right Heart
  60. Land of Lack, Or Even of Plenty
  61. Lift Our Hearts –– Bended Knees NEW
  62. Love Is The Most Important Thing
  63. Meaning Of Grace
  64. No No Not Me
  65. NO OMG…. It’s Vain For GOD
  66. Not Nice To Hold Grudges
  67. Occult Practices Abomination
  68. Overcome Opposition To Grace NEW
  69. Pleasing Man or God
  70. Racism ,God’s Word On It
  71. Reaping What We Sow
  72. Reach Out –– Not Reach In
  73. Rebellion, And God’s Word On It
  74. Relationships and God’s Best Advice
  75. Resisting Your Temptations
  76. Restitution Is Essential To Righteousness
  77. Rest In The Presence of God
  78. Sacrifice Better Than Obedience
  79. Shame On You Holding Grudges
  80. Stop Living In The Past, Let It Lay
  81. Suffering for Jesus
  82. Things Which Christians Are to Show
  83. The Two Different Paths
  84. The True Meaning of Meekness
  85. Trusting In Yourself Trap
  86. Tried All I Knew To Try
  87. Walking The Walk, Talk the Talk
  88. We Are Known By Our Fruit
  89. What Does it Mean For Us to Be Perfect
  90. What Goes Up –– Does Come Down
  91. What Other God’s Do You Have
  92. What is Your Attitude….Why is It Awfully Rude
  93. What is Your Attitude….is It Negative
  94. What’s The Power of Your Tongue
  95. Worship God – No Matter Where You May Be NEW
  96. You Are What You Believe
  97. You Must Grow Up
  98. You Must Love Yourself
  99. You Are Special Believe It


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