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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Why I Write

Why I Write

Well, many of you have
Wondered, this I know
Why my writings always
Seem to come from a
lonely soul
Please just wait, I’ll elucidate,
There’s good reason why
I create this way
I write for the vets now left behind;
By a system designed to
Put them out of sight and mind.
Once they stood up, answered
Duty’s call, knowing full well
They might be the next to fall.
I write for police officers Gunned down in our
Who gave their lives upholding
the law as their keep.
Our police are men, women,
Quite human too, they each
Have families they go home to.
I write for the unborn children
Taken from this life by abortion;
Jesus says forbid not the
Children to come to Me,
Yet each week another 1000
Babies are slain needlessly!
And I write for the Christians
who’ve died, fighting
The good fight for Jesus Christ
Even now Christians are being
Martyred the whole world over,
Going up to Glory as good soldiers
I write because the Lord tells
me to
This is part of my cross, for
Him,this I do
Jesus came to us preaching
Salvation, showing that through Him we can
go to Heaven
How I wish that the world was
happy,all’s ok
But until that day, I will continue to tell all
Jesus is the only way
I write for those who don’t
yet know Christ
As Lord and Savior,that He paid the price
Jesus came,gave His life for us on Calvary
Died on a cross for you and me
There’s lots that needs fixing
yes,I know
That won’t get done unless
to God we stop saying no
Until that day when all is
Made right,Jesus comes back
On that charger of pure white
Until we see Jesus Christ,
This is why I write!

Why I Write
Written by Tim Sharp

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