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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

WARNING: There is NO 5D

Warning No 5D Healing comes when Jesus Returns and Peace

WARNING: There is NO 5D

Ok, I’m going to be very frank here. What I am about to share with you happened like in July I think. I was a member of a channel on Telegram, which the own was using it to attract “Trump Supporters” but in turn was and still is trying to convert members into believing this hog-wash about a 5D dimensions mess, and that those who do not conform into this 5D thinking we are considered as 2d and we need to be conformed to their way of thinking. 

Then someone asks him about people not being able to reach the 4th or 5th dimension without dying so we all will ever be is 3 til we die…and how the ascent up started in december 2020. (I am posting exactly what the screenshots say, so if they don’t make sense that is why.) Greg’s answer >>>> There are 12 dimensions that your life will go through to know the knowledge of God.<<<)

He goes on to say this >>>> In a normal life span which by the way has been shortened greatly because of man you will live your life from birth until you die at the point of death you will move into the next dimension. Now we are at the time where the Earth must ascend therefore we must ascend and we have been chosen to ascend into the 5th dimension without dying. <<<)

Greg’s answer >>>> Then he goes and tells the guy that was above that in order to comprehend what I am trying to tell you you got to move past the third dimensional way of thinking. <<<)

We need to be re-programmed because we do not wish to believe, their hog-wash, and to think the bible was re-written 17 times and the Bible isn’t true. They want you to believe that the BIBLE is a bunch of lies, and that we are being mislead.

This is where I got really angry and I told him this : THE HOLY BIBLE IS THE TRUEST BOOK AND ANYONE WHO SAYS THEY BELIEVE IN GOD AND NOT HIS WORD IS LYING!!!!! Don’t get sucked into this misinformation apparently Trump is to then??

Greg says: It was taught to the disciples who followed Jesus Christ who put the words together to form a book called The Bible in other words man wrote the Bible and those disciples did not include everything they were taught they were instructed what to put into the Bible and they still did not get it right.

Greg Wall on the Bible >>> Just keep in mind the Bible has been distorted these are the words of Jesus Christ himself the deep state cabal and the Vatican have changed the Bible more that seven times and have removed 14+ books from the Bible we have those books at least some of them, over a of 1500 years.<<<)

Then he goes and says: All this has been going on for more than 1500 years it was until 1987 that they came up with a plan to enslave us in there journey to satanism. <<<)

The guy greg the owner states that we better get re-programmed or we are going to be sheep, and we will not make the ship. That the Jesus he’s promoting is the Real Jesus when he is the ANTI-CHRIST claiming to be the real Jesus the Real Messiah, called sananda. His words>>> Gregory Wall Jesus Christ is here and the flesh and you will be able to meet him soon. Check-out in the light news for more information I will share it. Remember we just took down satan and all of his followers it only made sense if satan is here then Jesus can be here too.<<< end of quote)

And, another one where he says: Jesus has been back since 2013 

His words Gregory Wall >>> I’m speaking of flesh not faith. These are the end of times that’s why we have been chosen to move forward without dying <<<)

He also, states he’s just the messenger and it’s up to everyone to do the research to know for yourself.

Well, I told him, further down I already know the truth and I have read the Bible, I have given him proof and he doesn’t accept the truth, but instead he gets angry. I even gave him scriptures to back up what I was saying and he calls those lies and untruths.

Here is where he tells me and someone else about our beliefs Greg Wall >>>> If you think about it your beliefs and your faith is all tied up in a book that you read you was not there to witness it for yourself but yet you believe.<<<)

One of the members, we became friends that I reached out to to tell her she was being mislead, told him this : By no means is Jesus here on Earth PERIOD!!!

That he was going to post a picture of the Jesus that CBK which is Carolyn Kennedy says is Jesus.

He throws in that Trump is the Trumpet, and that he will soon, which hasn’t happened that he will send 7 messages out, that the 7 messages are the 7 trumpets…. (his words on Trump >>> Donald Trump has already then declared as the trumpet Donald Trump will send out seven messages the seven trumpets when the main event starts.These are biblical days remember you cannot think in the third-dimensional sense change the mindset on how you view life to better understand what is about to take place, remember the third dimensional sense of life is all controlled it’s all enslavement.<<)

He throws the same messages and the same theory out to all those who wish to buck his theories, and Oh if you do you get threaten and thrown out of the channel. I know I got blocked and from ever re-joining. But, what he wasn’t aware and didn’t read, I was leaving anyway. I was trying to warn other’s, that they was being mislead and lied to by him. He was telling people that all one has to do is believe in his theories. And, be reprogrammed to the way he is misleading people (and he still is) that they will go up and Jesus is waiting in a mother-ship, and then he is spreading around a link, that is telling it’s viewers that Jesus was married, and had kids, all contradictory to what the Bible states.

I brought all those lies up, and he told me to open my mind to the new possibilities and they are happening right in front of me and believe it, etc. I told him I am NOT going to believe such lies and mess, that noone can make me believe that Jesus the Only purest person was married and had kids, and that he is out walking this earth right now in the flesh.

I told him he needs to read the Bible that it’s all in there and then Greg Wall says this to me : My point is the wool has been pulled over your eyes you have to remove the covering to see the light.>>)

I then said: That’s lies and hog wash my friend even read some of it (the site which he is promoting) n he agreed…that’s false info. A bunch of lies Jesus is NOT here in the flesh…

Take the lies back to hell from where they came from. In the Bible it plainly tells us, NOT to go where one says Jesus is to be…. do not go, as you will not find Him. 

Matthew 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets and shall shew great signs and wonders;insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Matthew 24:25 Behold I have told you before.

Matthew 24:26 Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth;behold he is in the secret chambers;believe it not.

Matthew 24:27 For as the lightening cometh out of the east, and shineth ever unto the west; so shall the coming of the Son of man be.

I have some screenshots I took of some of his responses to what I was trying to tell him and those who he was misleading, but wasn’t getting through to them. But, he tries to tell people the devil is here in the flesh, that Jesus is here in the flesh, and that if the devil can be than Jesus can be to. 

I have so many screenshots from his channel it isn’t even funny, where he literally has people convinced by his lies and misinformation. I thought I lost them all, but they were still on my cell. I transferred them here to my computer and will post some of them, so you can see I am not dreaming, I am serious, about this guy. I have his picture. Another friend of mine which was in his channel as well, was keeping me informed, left as well. He, was saying that greg was even telling people to be racist against certain people… WHAT??

Yes, a friend of his, stated the fact that greg was living in his car, and, doing all this from his car. He was saying that he stays up 24/7 to make sure his followers always stayed informed so to speak, and that he will always be there. And, I am here to tell you this channel get’s infuriated if he’s not on they get angry because their false teacher isn’t there to mislead them some more. He has so many fooled. I tried so hard to get back in the channel to keep warning people, but there is no way…. I tried.

He is telling people that the Bible isn’t true that we need to stop trusting in it, and trust new changes.

There is many things he tells, that is really off the wall, extremely off the wall. I am not saying I do not believe in aliens, because there’s alot of proof out there that there is, a couple friends of mine says they were abducted and seen them their selves.

This guy says if you take a telescope and look at the 2:00 position at the moon you can see moon bases and spaceships flying in the vicinity all around the moon???

Going as far as saying that President Trump is married to Princess Diana and not Melania and has a daughter named Sarah other than barron?

He also states, he’s a born again christian, and I am not going to judge him, but we are to test the spirits and to me it’s not possible. Here is what he said about this : Greg Wall >>>> Faith keeps you from asking questions and accepting answers. I myself I’m a born again christian raised in a Baptist Church all my life I know for a fact in my heart there is a God God is within you I know for a fact that Jesus died on the cross for our sins so do not think I am someone just pushing propaganda I’m as curious as you are I’m just a little ahead in the research than you are I’m a little ahead in The fifth dimension process than you are I will get you caught up to speed as we (not sure what happened to the rest)

As, you can see, what he’s doing and saying is all to the contrary of what the Bible says. We must wake people up from this trance they are in. Next couple pages will try to piece together they screenshots in the order they go in, but it’s hard on how a cell phone takes the shots.

WARNING: There is NO 5D 1   WARNING: There is NO 5D 2  WARNING: There is NO 5D 3  WARNING: There is NO 5D 4   WARNING: There is NO 5D 5

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