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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

God Wants You To Enjoy Your Life

God Wants You To Enjoy Your LifeAre You Enjoying The Life God Has For You

Genesis 1:31, God talks about, when He created the world, He created it in 6 days, and when He seen it was very good, He approves it, and He was satisfied.

Even God, took the time to enjoy His creations of His hands, and He wants us to do the same thing. We all seem to fall into a trap, to always be working we never get to enjoy what God created or we never take the time to enjoy the results of our hard work, of labor we have done to be where we are today.

God wants us to enjoy life, and He wants us to relax, enjoy what we have accomplished, through the work of our hands.

Ecclesiastics 2:24, says it is a gift of God for man to find enjoyment in all of his labor. Me myself always stayed busy doing something, whether it was working on the computer, WebPages which I love doing, or outside in the yard, helping other’s, etc. I was always busy doing something being productive.

When I worked, I was always working hard doing more than my job, I was always making sure everything was done and looking nice and cleaned up, always doing more than what was expected of me. To this very day, because of moving, or health issues, I stay so far behind, so I was always working many hours at a time trying to get caught up, always playing catch up, I never have the time to enjoy all I have done.

Many of us feel so worthless because we feel so insecure, but God, worked at everything He did, and He was happy with His creation, even when He created man and He said, ” It is very good.” He approved it completely!

One thing we can rest assure is “God Knows Us, Inside and Out.” He knows everything about us, He loves us so very much, unconditionally!

God approved of us, God may not like everything we do, or how we do it, but God Loves us anyway, but….. God does APPROVE OF US, anyway! Always make the decision to enjoy life, and the work of your hands, and approve of it and enjoy yourself to.

God does not and never has and never will create junk, none of us are junk. We just need guidance to know what we need to do to please God and enjoy the life God has given us. God is a GOOD, MERCIFUL LOVING FATHER and in all He does and has done, is Very Good!

Never think you are ever worthless, or junk, because you are NOT! We have to believe that — God made us and we are good, we are His creation, we are Special to Him!

Always accept yourself, enjoy who you are and have become! Never let anyone belittle you or tell you you are a failure or you can’t do something, because we can do everything through Christ who strengthens you. Because you can do all that God wants you to be, we just have to work at it.

Always keep positive thinking, and keep praying and asking God to help you become what He planned for you to be! God always knows Best… and He is the Perfection!


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