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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Confusing The Devil & His Demons

And, when the devil tries to upset us and tries to get under our skin, we need to be “PRAISING THE LORD” and singing our Praises to Him (Our Lord.) Confusing The Devil & His Demons

2 Samuel 22:4

I have to admit this I didn’t know and wasn’t aware of about confusing the devil and his demons.

As, I mentioned before I am not perfect, never have been but I am striving to be as much as I can, and many know by now I read “Joyce Meyers Everyday Life Bible” and I also use Benny Hinns Dake Bible that’s another awesome Bible, for allot of my references and things which I feel many need to know or don’t know.

So, as you can see I am learning more and more everyday. I do pray God will one day let me be able to memorize what I read and where I found it.

Did, you know when bad things happens and do not go our way, and that evil big nose devil has to try to ruin things and try to get us confused and tries his hardest to get our eyes of God, we should be praising God?

We usually, end up getting upset, hurt, angry, just all out of sorts when the devil attacks us, and he does his best to rip our emotions from limb to limb.

Me, I admit I do get frustrated and hurt when some things happen, most of the time I just shrug them off, but there are times I do get upset, especially when I am trying so hard to get this web site done, heavens-beauty.info. It seems like everything always wants to go wrong or breaks down or I’m always getting sick or something, something always happens to get me all rawled up and trying to make me give up.

But, the exciting things is …….. I DON’T , I just thank the Lord , he provided a way for me to get the parts or whatever is needed to fix it, then I’m playing catch up!

I am constantly, “thanking the lord’ and I have and still do, I Thank Him for everything I have and all He’s doing and going to do. I even thank Him for the lessons I have learned.

No matter what is going on in our lives whether good or bad we should be giving “Praise” letting God know :hes worthy.”

Calling the “Lord Worthy” and Worthy to be Praised, defeats the evil enemy. If, we go through the gates of Praise into Gods presence and we begin to worship Him right there , our enemies will become confused and destroy each other….. Hahahahahaha isn’t that funny!

We Praise God each time, the demons of the evil they are the ones to get confused !!!!!

And, when the devil tries to upset us and tries to get under our skin, we need to be “PRAISING THE LORD” and singing our Praises to Him (Our Lord.) This confuses the devil and it confuses the demons, and they end up so confused they end up attacking each other.

While they are attacking each other, we are being freed from their destruction which they were trying so hard to do to us. So when we confuse them so bad, they were so busy getting back at each other, when they end up feeling and having joy which we should be feeling, when the devil and demons are attacking one another.

I have many times when things go as they should, I usually laugh at the devil because he really thinks he can get to me and he knows I know where to and how to get him off me,

There are many times, I have even said, “Nanna Nanna BooBoo” satan you thought you was going to win, Jesus is more powerful than you, “Nanna Nanna BooBoo”!

Give Praise to God, Let Him know How Much you need Him and {raise Him for all He is and does!!!

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