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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

God and His Words and Calling (69)

God Is a God Of Purpose God Is The God of Hearts God Is With You---Hang On

I have separated the Categories into parts, and their contents as the Main Sitemap was to large and to long. It is hard to Navigate, so I did it this way to help you find what Subject/Topic you wish to see. I am trying to get everything moved over into WordPress from Html, and due to Adobe stopped supporting flash, the menus no-longer work. So, I had no choice in doing it this way. Thank You and May God Bless You and Your Family Always and Forever!

  1. 4 Ways to get Fired Up For God
  2. 5 Great Works Of God
  3. 5 Ways on How To Become a Christian
  4. 6 Personal Facts on Acts Of God
  5. 7 Things That God Hated and Despised
  6. 7 Ways and 10 Blessings of Seeking The Lord
  7. 8 Things For You To Be Prepared For
  8. 10 Blessings of The Messiah
  9. 10 Facts Of God
  10. 15 More Facts About God
  11. 18 More Facts About God
  12. 20 Facts About God You Should Know
  13. 166 Scriptures Prosperity
  14. Bitterness or Betterness
  15. Choosing God’s Will and Not Your’s
  16. Covenants –– Are You Keeping Them
  17. David –– Saul & Anointing
  18. Fellowship Involves Communion
  19. God & Your Relationship NEW
  20. God’s Answer Concerning Marital Problems
  21. God Brings Us Out and Takes Us In
  22. God Gave Joseph Dreams
  23. God’s Gives Us Authority
  24. God Has A Strong Arm NEW
  25. God Has Been My Strength NEW
  26. God Is a God Of Purpose
  27. God Is The God of Hearts
  28. God Is With You—Hang On
  29. God Leaves Kindness On Purpose
  30. God’s Moving On Your Behalf NEW
  31. God Never Forgets NEW
  32. God’s Outrageous Blessings
  33. God Uses The most Unexpected People
  34. God Wants To Bless You
  35. God Wants To WOW You NEW
  36. Hearing God’s Voice
  37. Helping The Less Fortunate
  38. How Much Do You Think Of God
  39. In Our Own Ministry
  40. It’s An Important Call Answer
  41. It’s God’s Voice Are You Listening
  42. Is God Your Rock, Or You In The Sand
  43. Just Who is God
  44. Knowing God NEW
  45. Let God Move for You
  46. Let God’s Angels Roll Away Your Heavy Stones
  47. Liberty of God
  48. Looking and Living
  49. Messiahs Stripes/ Done/ Suffered
  50. My Thoughts From God
  51. Power of Jesus Name
  52. Praise God Before Your Battle
  53. Prophecy Have You Heard
  54. Racism ,God’s Word On It
  55. Reach Out –– Not Reach In
  56. Rekindle Your Passion for God
  57. Responsibilities Given By God
  58. Rest In The Presence of God
  59. Sacrifice Better Than Obedience
  60. Those Uncommon Things Common People
  61. The Treasure of Mercy
  62. Touched By God’s Finger 1999
  63. Unmovable Foundation of God’s Word
  64. What Is Your Purpose In Life
  65. What Does It Mean To Rebel Against God’s Word
  66. When God Calls Your Name
  67. Where is God
  68. Who’s Voice Is It I Hear
  69. Your Fear Is Not From God


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