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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Disclaimer of Content Use

“Disclaimer of Content Use”

Heavens-Beauty/Wisdom of Jesus has links to other sites that contain valuable referenced material, which has been retrieved from favorites which I have had bookmarked for sometime, I check and make sure if the information is in line with the Bible, if it is not it does not get listed on my websites.

I only have Graphics and Material that I have created on this website, and all is My Creations, and unless specified all Graphics are Mine and those in which I have made for Donations which will be received upon that Donation at that time. ALL Graphics which is sold per donation is still My Rightful Graphics and I would appreciate that to remain that way. We take NO Claim or blame for any Information which is one this site, to be harmful in anyway.

So, there is NO Need really for this Disclaimer as all Material is of my own and what I have Researched over the years and come from my Bibles etc. The way you relate to the Information on this website is entirely up to you and your Faith. We make no claims as to how or what you believe in, but we are in hopes that the Information shall help you and enrich your life, as it has mine and some others!

If, by chance you see something which has changed from what has been added, PLEASE NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY, as I checked each and every url which and before it was added for it’s accuracy. The presence of links to sites, does not necessarily mean that I am the author, I have done research over the years and much I have done on my own and/ or have found and used for the purpose of the type of website, Heavens-Beauty/Wisdom of Jesus is.

I will NOT add any information or doctrines, etc. if they are not in truth. If, by chance a link has changed and it is totally different that what was posted or added, I want to be notified ASAP! It is important for the reader to , search the scriptures to determine the accuracy of any information which is on my website. See Acts 17:11

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