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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Walking The Walk, Talk the Talk

Walking The Walk, Talk the Talk

Walking The Walk, Talk the Talk
Mark 11: 13,14

When Jesus bring hungry, he saw that the fig tree did not have any figs in it. He said to it, “No one ever again shall eat fruit from you.” Mark 11:20

Tells us the next morning the fig tree completely withered.

With all fruit trees if there are leaves there is fruit under the leaves. When Jesus saw that it had leaves but no fruit, He cursed it, because it was a phony – where there are leaves, there is to be fruit to. (Good Point – Joyce Meyer)

If our lives revolve around the church but we have no fruit, we are not living by our faith. We can have Christian bumper stickers on our cars, wear Jesus pins, carry our Bibles around, spend the lunch break cursing, drinking, reading our bibles, plaques listing, the fruits of the spirit, watching filth on TV, listening to teaching tapes, saying, “Praise the Lord!” Hollers, but if we do not have time to help anyone else out or even show them forgiveness and kindness, we are like the fig tree with leaves but no fruit.

If someone calls you, and needs you to do something for them and you tell them you just can’t, I’m sorry I hope you understand, had plans, or my house is filthy etc. If you could’ve changed your plans and you refused to, you are being selfish and are like the fig tree a phony.

People say they will always be there and they are not, and wonder why they may be sick, some cannot help the way they end up, and it’s our jobs as Christians to give Jesus’ Love to other’s.

There may be people whom their faith is weak or some say awww they want to be the way they are. People who claim to be a Christian and love God, they do not want to help others or do for them, and they make excuses why they can’t, they become a phony Christian, phony fig tree.

People want to see Christians a real Christian, people will be watching you listening to you, and if you can’t do the walk and the talk, then you can push others away from God instead of closer to him. We are to give away Jesus’ love and His goodness like candy and popcorn or coca cola, it’s free, it’s not be charged for.

There are so many people in this world, who are so uncaring, people who say, ‘well if you give me xxx dollars I’ll be glad to do this or that for you, in return for the money. I’ll make sure I do a good job, but what they forget is this; GOD IS WATCHING and LISTENING to how we show His mercy, His grace, His Love, and compassion.

So, be careful in whom may be watching you because we as Christians are to Walk the Walk and Talk that Talk. we are to bring people to Christ not make them runaway from Christ!


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