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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

It’s Not Over By A Long Shot

Here’s the gist of what I wrote in regards to the election theft….in the abomination bill now pending passage in the Senate, among the provisions are increasing the number of “justices” (HA!,what is that anymore?)on the SCOTUS from 9 to “lucky” 13….granting STATEHOOD to Berlin DC, Puerto Rico, which will AUTOMATICALLY give the nazicrats FOUR MORE SENATORS, guaranteeing them a Senate MAJORITY FOREVER…. AUTOMATIC, INSTANTANEOUS CITIZENSHIP to ALL illegals, ESPECIALLY to the UNVETTED Afghanistan “refugees” (TALIBAN TERRORISTS) now in our country…STRIPPING us, that is YOU, me, of our 2A rights…federalizing the elections by doing away with the Electoral College….granting voting rights to all illegals, criminals, anyone who is here in the USA without valid ID….and voting only by the Dominion machines, no more write in ballots, which as you well know, that is how the nazicrats got into office to begin with, assisted by hostile foreign powers like China, Russia.

The taliban didn’t let the evac go on because they were being partners, they were paid for it, the pallets of newly printed money left behind in the warehouses with the weaponry, vehics, the aircraft, munitions, body armor, tech gear, heavy construction equipment, machinery, all a bribe to pay the Taliban let the evac go as it did….them pinko commie traitor officers who overseen the evac, especially the generals, like Shilli-Manilli, all knew what they were doing the whole time, the mission was planned to fail, this was no blunder, it was a planned collapse, no one is that stupid to leave all that stuff,gear,money, machinery, weapons,vehics,aircraft,munitions behind as a mistake to the enemy….don’t forget China, Pakistan,the taliban are buddy buddies,in bed together. This whole evil scheme has been plotted since the obummer days.

The war ISN’T over, not for our people left behind, our allies, especially the American women taken prisoner by the Taliban, for them, now left behind, forgotten about, written off by China Joe, the nazicrats, the war will NEVER be over for these POW victims, even after the POWs are brutally murdered, beheaded, nor will it ever be over for the families of the Warriors 13,or the families of the POWs left behind….their nightmares will never end.

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