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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Is There Intelligent Life….Here? Humor :) Tim Sharp

Is There Intelligent Life….Here?

If the aliens from Close Encounters of the Third Kind came to Earth now, especially the USA,took one glimpse at Berlin DC,watched Grandpa Joe Shufflebutt Mumbles spaghetti-o mutter through his flash cards,the CE aliens would declare “Earth is off limits, QUARANTINED” to all the habitable planets in the entire galaxy,universe!…if ET were to be here now,he’d be phoning home alright, saying to his people,“oh, I’m bringing a friend with me!”…if the Borg from the STNG movies came here now,took one look at us, especially the USA, Grandpa Joe Shufflebutt Mumbles,they’d hysterically laugh themselves almost human,while shucking off all vestiges of their human elements,cripes,they might just just return the human elements to us,saying,“here,you need this more than we do!”, while the Borg Collective would emphatically declare with one voice,”assimilation of these life forms is futile!”…if the Vulcans came to Earth, they would take one look at the Berlin DC nazicrats and say in astonishment,”the logic of their actions escapes us”, as they grimly shake their heads in dismay while warping out of orbit…..even Mr. Spock would say,“BEAM ME UP SCOTTIE,NO INTELLIGENT LIFE DOWN HERE!”😁😛🤓😝😏

Most likely them extraterrestrials probably figure we, nor the planet are worth the effort, they’d much rather sit back, laugh their alien butts off at us, maybe remarking in their alien speak, “This is better than The Edwin Sullystone Show!”….yep, I can see it all now, alien dad says to his brood family, “C’mon everyone, it’s family time, the Earth is on the Galacticview Channel, let’s see what kinda fools them Earthers make of themselves this time!”…..maybe even some alien civilization has us featured on “The Galaxy’s Funniest Space Videos”😏🤣😉

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