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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

My Christian Graphics

Hi, my name is Patricia Burnette and I have been on the internet since AOL 2.0 LOL. I’ve always loved to create and be creative in all I try to do, with colors, graphics. designs etc. I just wasn’t rich enough to actually take any courses or anything like that. I learnt everything on my own. I had graphics programs, and tons of graphics, and I played with them, through trial & error and decided I loved watching colors and designs coming together to make pretty stuff LOL 🙂

So I decided, I wondered how they made you know those pages on the internet, and how they created them to nice and together?? LOL 🙂

So, I decided to give that a try…. Yep! I didn’t know anything about much of anything, yeah yeah I took a “Personal Computer Specialist Course” but it didn’t teach you anything in coding or anything like that. So, I decided to get Frontpage 1998 I think that’s the version I had way back then. And, started to learn “html” wow was that a chore… I mean Ok, look at all that weird code!!!! Wow, how confusing is that!!! Very!

But, I finally learnt it, and it took me like 4 years to even learn the image code, you know the codes that allow the images to show up?? And, some of the inner codes like <br> </br> <p> </p> <a href=> </a> stuff, I mean it was rough lol. 

So, that’s when I actually started creating webpages and started doing my own graphics, I know they are not the most perfect, or the best designs, but hey. they were mine and to me I did ok!!! So, before I knew there was any certain size for banners, headers, the buttons, etc. I just used the template that the graphics program had and went from there. I added, some borders and frames, and yep they looked pretty good. As, the years went by and I started learning more and more about the sizes, etc. I look at them now and say “Oh, nooooo noone is going to want these, the sizes are off a tad here, a tad there.”

Well, I tried back then I started creating my own back in 1998, so these listed here are many of those, and some are off a tad, and some may not even be for anything much I was having eye trouble also back then- but I made them and I am proud of them. If, you have your own website, you can use them there, or if you are in graphics you can always adjust them if need be. 

There’s headers, banners, buttons, of all kinds, Memo Board Sizes. Now, back then I was using Paint Shop Pro 8 & 9. Now I use Corel PSP x3 x4 2018 mostly. But, there are way too many to adjust.

These are just some of the Graphics I’ve done over the years, it’s not all of them. So, if you like them and care to make a donation for them, it is “Greatly Appreciated” as my hosting company went up on hosting and all the help to keep my sites up sharing the Love of Christ sure will help!! Size Listings Showing the Sizes 

  1. My Christian Graphics I Created 1
  2. My Christian Graphics I Created 2
  3. My Christian Graphics I Created 3
  4. My Christian Graphics I Created 4
  5. My Christian Graphics I Created 5
  6. My Christian Graphics I Created 6
  7. My Christian Graphics I Created 7
  8. My Christian Graphics I Created 8
  9. My Christian Graphics I Created 9
  10. My Christian Graphics I Created 10
  11. My Christian Graphics I Created 11
  12. My Christian Graphics I Created 12
  13. My Christian Graphics I Created 13
  14. My Christian Graphics I Created 14
  15. My Christian Graphics I Created 15

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