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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Left Behind

Left Behind
Well…. it’s done…our “woke military” leaders have OFFICIALLY as of today, ABANDONED our countrymen, our allies there, GUTLESSLY TURNED AND RAN WITH THEIR TAILS BETWEEN THEIR LEGS in the face of a hostile enemy, whilst leaving our OWN COUNTRYMEN STILL THERE at the “mercy” of TALIBAN MURDERERS…even now, them jackals are going after them, right where our people are at, THANKS TO THAT HIT LIST China Joe authorized to give to  the Taliban!!

THIS IS COLD BLOODED, DELIBERATE, CALCULATED, MURDER…PAYOFF to them terrorists as payment to the Taliban for “allowing” the evac of the ones who were evaced out…..GUESS WHAT? THEM UNVETTED REFUGEES AIN’T TRANSLATORS!!

Know what they are???? POTENTIAL NAZICRAT VOTERS….JIHADING RAGHEAD TALIBAN TERRORISTS… terrorists here to do ANOTHER 9/11…..AND AIN’T IT JEST CHILLINGLY SINGULARLY CO-INKY DINKY that this happens right before the anniversary of 9/11/01? But it doesn’t stop there, them UNVETTED “refugees” WILL be,ARE going to be given INSTANT AMNESTY, CITIZENSHIP, if that abomination bill pending in the Senate passes!

How do YOU like the idea of having “American citizen”  TALIBAN MURDERERS for NEIGHBORS where YOU live at? And just remember THIS–NONE of this would have come about if ALL them fifth column nazicrat brownshirt INFILTRAITOR RINOS hadn’t GLEEFULLY voted on January 6th/7th to insert China Joe into office to begin with! They,along with all the other BERLIN DC nazicrats ARE just as responsible as China Joe for leaving our OWN COUNTRYMEN STILL THERE in enemy territory, and what does that mean for us, WE THE PEOPLE here at home? If the nazicrats are going to WILLINGLY leave our countrymen behind in enemy territory, it’s a certainty the nazicrats WILL, HAVE already left WE THE PEOPLE behind here in the USA, just look at the BLUE STATES…..LEFT BEHIND…our own countrymen, allies, WE THE PEOPLE….LOCK AND LOAD, PATRIOTS!!! WE’RE ON OUR OWN.


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