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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

The Last Resort

The Last Resort

Well, let’s save that option many of you write of, taking physical action, as the nuclear option of last resort, I don’t think we are at that point yet, won’t be IF the Repubs in the Congress,both houses, get off their hands, backsides, and actually do their job, fight for us, We The People, as they were sent to Berlin DC to do in the first place, present a strong united front, along with getting the Reagan blue dog dems to stand alongside them to stop the nazicrats, but it is my opinion that there aren’t enough of them to make a difference right now, especially in the Senate, because the Deep State Swamp Cabal toadies on the repub side, like Lidsville Grahamcrackers, Twitch McDonald’s, stymie the younger ones at every turn, the old ones are in bed with the ccp, Russia.

Remember it is these same ones who betrayed us on January 6th,7th, starting with Pence, and all voted to a man to insert China Joe into office to begin with, instead of voting for Donald Trump on the grounds of the voter fraud as they should have; remember also, it was ole Grahamcrackers AND McDonald’s who both went on tv, and both crowed out, “What election fraud? There’s no evidence of election fraud, Joe Biden won the election, the American people have spoken”; yes, We The People spoke out loud and clear on November 2nd 2021,but as you well know, the nazicrats stole that from us through the Dominion machines, and along with their Dinnen-Dew-Nuffin ganga gestapo thugs like Ole Heifer Stacey Abramabull, covered it all up, under the guise of if anyone questions it, you’re a racist bit, and, none of the Repubs had guts enough then to stand and fight back for us as they should have,as TRUE statesmen would have,no, they all just caved into the nazicrats like the yellow dog cowards they were,still are, which is why we are where we are as a country right now….so, I just don’t know….YET, how this will all play out, quite simply because of that abomination bill pending in the Senate that will forever change everything,and I DO mean EVERYTHING,from how we live, drive, what we can drive,heat,cool our homes, get food,how much,etc.,change it all in favor of the nazicrats,no matter who runs for election on the repub side,it will be one party rule, from the president on done forever if that bill passes..now if the Senate Repubs will stand strong,be united as a front,along with getting the blue dog dems to defeat that bill,send it down in flames,we have a chance without taking physical action; and in light of what has happened recently in Afghanistan, especially with our people being left behind there,the needless deaths of The Warriors 13,even the nazicrat news pundits are openly condemning their own,even some from the Clinnichio camp like Leon Panetta; so maybe,just maybe,with The Saigon Retreat 2 as ammo,as a common uniting factor,maybe hopefully that will be enough to spur even the brownshirt rinos like Grahamcrackers, McDonalds to all join together in common cause to set things right…MAYBE…so for now,I say the best course of action is wait and see,primarily because pretty much this whole country overall is highly hacked off on all sides of the political aisle on the voter sides, thoroughly disgusted, fed up with the feckless nazicrats, especially China Joe and the Sonderkommando Kameltoe,many fathers and mothers on both sides of the aisle,and many of them are Gold Star families…so, like in WW2, it seems to me this country, from the ordinary citizen’s point of view, we have finally come together united against a common cause, stop the slaughter of our countrymen, our women, children in Afghanistan, stop the Berlin DC nazicrats….we shall see.

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