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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Covenants –– Are You Keeping Them

Covenants –– Are You Keeping ThemCovenants –– Are You Keeping Them
1 Samuel 20:14-16

When two people are entered into a covenant in a relationship everything which they posses, they pocessed as an individual has become each other’s. A covenant relationship is also meant for them to help each other, they fight for each other, and whatever is necessary to meet the needs of the other.

As, with married couples –– man and woman, same covenant, they were joined as one and both are to be there for each other, in every way possible.

Also, when we make a “Vow” to Go whether through a ministry or from a Television Ministry, we must keep those Vows. They become a covenant once we make them.

If, we call in or send in a “Vow Voucher” for something we wish for God to do, and we agree to pay say like ; $500.00 but at $20.00 a month then we must pay that vow until paid. Once, we get it paid to GOD then God knows we are trustworthy and we can be trusted with what it is that we are wanting Him to do,etc.

Also, just like David & Jonathan they had a covenant relationship which included all the descendants. 1 Samuel 20:14-16

See Jonathan was killed and David, he became King. But David wanted to keep the covenant he and Jonathan made, he continuously kept searching for Jonathan’s kiers so he could bless them. 1 Samuel 9:1-13. King David, found Jonathans son, and restored him, when he was brought to the royal palace. Just as David restored to the son of Jonathan, the covenant he had with Jonathan, God will honor all his covenants with us.

God, is always looking for people to bless for His son’s sake –– Jesus. Why not let it be you?

Are you keeping the covenants you have made, are you in a relationship with God and people to receive your blessings from honoring the covenant?

In 1 Samuel 23:2, we see all through the biblical accounts of David’s life, he “Inquired of the Lord” everyday of his life. He did all that God wanted him to, he kept all the covenants which he made and he never did refuse to do the right thing.

Are you needing answers to questions, maybe a great Godly Friend, maybe you need some advice. Run to the throne of God, He’s there, He’s always there, waiting on you!

He will answer you, He will Never Ever Leave You, Nor will He forsake you!


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