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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

God & Your Relationship

Solomon, he asked God for wisdom, and of course God surely gave it to him, because he asked for it, and God keeps His word.God & Your Relationship

1 Kings 5:12


I have learned so much from “Joyce Meyers, and her programs, tapes and her Bible.” She helps us understand how we can better ourselves, our relationships, not only with family and friends, but with God, our love and walk with God.

There is so much I have learned from her, she helps with areas of my life that even pertains to things which I have went through in my life, and not to mention other’s. I have experienced things which she has and this is where allot of my information has come from for this website. Because I can relate to many things which she has written Life Points on.

Through her teachings and her Bible, I have changed on how I think and how I say things, God has helped me so much through her teachings. Many, talk bad about her and several preachers and ministries that were ordained by God to help many people with in their lives. It’s just plain appalling.

Her life points on Relationships, I really never had to much of a problem as far as personal relationships with family, but my outward relationships I really have. But, as far as family relationships go I have always been there to take the heat so to speak, but the outward ones, you know the friends you thought was your friends and the ones you kept their personal troubles to yourself, but for some reason, yours just don’t get to stay within that person.

And, the whole times you thought this person was a friend when you could talk to, lean on, rely on but, then again____ was it?

Solomon, he asked God for wisdom, and of course God surely gave it to him, because he asked for it, and God keeps His word. Did, you know that Solomon wrote the Book Of Proverbs?

Proverbs, is a great Book, it’s filled with so much wisdom about everything, to help us grow and I guess the word I want, it isn’t coming out so we will use saturate us with the Wisdom that we are meant to have. There is so much Wisdom which we can we need to use each and everyday.

I am sure if you have read the Bible, you have to have noticed that without God’s help it is hard to succeed at anything without God and His word in our lives. We have to process God’s word in our lives, no I can’t remember where allot is found, but I have read almost the whole Bible and whether or not I can memorize it and where it is in the Bible I know, I read it and it has helped me in so many ways , to understand better on things I do wrong, I need to correct and how to live better.

And, Wisdom is one I want so much for God to fulfill me with more, because without it, I would be a basket case, and I use to be thinking I could do what I wanted, when, how and yes where.

We have to have Wisdom, because it helps us grow into a better person, not just for ourselves, but for God as well.

You can be a great person, but are you in wisdom of understanding? Are, you practicing wisdom? People can have everything, mentally, emotionally, physically, materially…. But, if you don’t have wisdom then you haven’t grown up yet and allowing God to do the things He wants to do in your life.

We as believers in Jesus Christ, we should want His Wisdom to be inside us, we should want to be more like Him.

But, if we don’t ask for it, or want it, then what good are we? Nothing, in your life its going to be right or work out the way you want or need it to go, whether it be with your family, husband, friends, your children’s –– we must desire to walk in wisdom to be able to do the right things, make the right choices and be able to be all we can be not just for ourselves, but for Jesus and other’s.

God, wants us to walk in His wisdom and to know more about Him, & His ways. So, if you are wanting to have true Wisdom ask God to give it to you and He Will –– Just Ask Him for it!!!!


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