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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

It’s God’s Voice Are You Listening 8

God spoke to Samuel, in a familiar voice, that he knew, so he wouldn’t be frightened. Because Samuel knew Eli’s voice, so when God called to him, the voice did sound like Eli’s.It’s God’s Voice Are You Listening
1 Samuel 3:4-6

Just like Samuel, he thought his master Eli was calling him, each time Samuel went to Eli, Eli told him “I did not call you.” After a few times, Samuel had gone to Eli, Eli knew God was talking to Samuel.

God spoke to Samuel, in a familiar voice, that he knew, so he wouldn’t be frightened. Because Samuel knew Eli’s voice, so when God called to him, the voice did sound like Eli’s. God wants us to listen to Him, so not to scare us, He uses a voice which we know and are familiar with.

There are times, it may sound like our own voices, sometimes it may sound like a voice of someone we know. The point here is, that the voice will always bring peace to us when God speaks to us.

There were a few times when I remember thinking my mother was calling me or my husband, and come to find out they weren’t calling me at all. It had to have been God calling my name.

When I read the below I just begin to smile, I knew then God had been talking to me. YES!

I learnt through “Joyce Meyers” Everyday Living Bible, that when God speaks to us, He doesn’t usually just boom from heaven. Many often times God speaks to through what His word calls “ a still small voice” that comes from our inner man. There are many situations we may think we are talking to ourselves but God’s words in our spirit are always filled with wisdom that we could never have on our own.

God, is always trying to speak to everyone all the time. We can hear Him, if we will just ask Him to speak to us, in a clear voice, and we have to listen to “our inner man” (it’s our conscience) and wait for Him to speak. Psalms 5:3

God can speak to us through many ways. Many people think they didn’t Hear Him (God), because they are looking and waiting from some kind of supernatural manifestation to take place and that isn’t likely going to happen.

Now some think they are hearing God or seeing something in their dreams, that is for someone else, but what they may be hearing or seeing could just mean for them not anyone else, giving them a warning of some kind or a message.

Most of the time, God speaks to our hearts through peace or lack of it, Joyce says, “If we have peace, we may proceed with our intended actions, but if we do not have peace about it, God is telling us to Stop.” God also, speaks to us through wisdom and our common sense, He does not lead us to do crazy things and foolish things, He speaks to us through His word and will and never tells us to do something which is going to harm us or anything like that, and that doesn’t agree with His word.

He speaks through other people and even through our own circumstances. Ask, God to speak clearly to you and make sure you are listening.

God has so many things He wants you to know and needs you to be listening, and He has so much He wants to give you…… SO LISTEN UP!

Are You Listening?

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