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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Bitterness or Betterness

Do, you have bitterness inside you for some reason, or maybe you are trying to get rid of itBitterness or Betterness

Ruth 2

We all have had I am sure “Bitterness” inside us at some point.

Do, you have bitterness inside you for some reason, or maybe you are trying to get rid of it?

Do, you know what has caused your bitterness, was it a loss of someone you once loved and adored, or was it because you was abused in some ways, or maybe it was because someone deceived you, in any case where did it come from, maybe it was due to someone stealing from you or lying to you or on you, or maybe there was a cheating husband or wife, think about it, where did your bitterness come from?

Do you know how know how “Bitterness” begins? Have you even thought about it, and where it comes from inside you? If, you read the bible it, grows from a root, like most things which grow from the grown does. Read, Hebrews 12:15, it talks about bitterness as a “Root of Resentment” bitterness because a part of evilness and rancor. It shoots forth and causes trouble and bitter torments, people gradually become contaminated from it and defiled from it.

Naomi, she had become bitter inside, because of her loosing her husband and two sons, she was so bitter she accused the Lord of dealing , “bitterly with her.”

After, Naomi her husband and two sons going through famine and moving back to Judah from Moab. She became very bitter, you can Read Ruth 1:20.

Bitterness is something that is pungent and sharp to faster. Naomi was bitter because she was in bondage, she was in pain. Bondage leads to bitterness!

Naomi, went through allot in a short time, she went through pain of loosing her husband and her two sons, and the disappointments, her difficulties like she was going through with the circumstances she was facing.

I used to have bitterness in me full force, because of all I had been through in my life, but I had to learn to let it go, because it was changing my whole entire outlook on life and those around me.

Bitterness, can come from many things and ways in our lives which hurt us and takes toll on our thinking process and how we feel inside our hearts. But, it will only stay if we allow it to, if you continue to let it control you, it will over take your life and some already have in my family.

I have been left to starve, been raped many times by a stranger and the others by family and I have been beaten to a pulp, lost a baby, lost my dad, ex-husband to death, slapped around, my head banged against a concrete wall, lied to, lied on, used, abused, emotionally and mentally, I had been cheated on verbally abused , stolen from, a 357 magnum being chased by what I thought was a friend down a street, I mean I have been through some rough times, faced times of death a few times (Edited 9-14-14 : lost my oldest sister June 19th).

But, there is a change…….I CHANGED IT! No matter what I have been through I had bitterness but it wasn’t real bad, but I refused to allow it to control my life and cause more havoc in my life I sure didn’t want and didn’t care to have in my life.

Bitterness can be controlled and it’s up to us to make the change, because if we don’t it will stick to us like glue and stay with us and control our lives which we live, it tears at our thoughts, our hearts, our daily living and those who we are around, it keeps festering and as long as we allow to it, will stick with us.

When we are hurt and get angry, go through disappointments in our lives they stay there and control our daily lives, but only if we allow it to over-take our lives. It affects our whole entire being, our hearts, minds, personalities our attitudes, our relationships our actions .

If, we let it go, God will make things better for us, and things will start to turn around, but we cannot serve to masters in our lives, it’s one or the other and I sure do not choose to to serve the bitterness which I went through in my life.

We cam always be sure God is in control and we need to allow Him to work in our lives, Her has our backs and what He did for Naomi He can do for you as well.

If, you want to live in “BETTERNESS” then get rid of the “BITTERNESS” because otherwise if you don’t you will be in the same spot you are in now for the rest of your life, And this is NOT what God wants for no one…. He wants us to totally trust in Him each and everyday, in every circumstance there is in life.

What is your choice? Are you going to Live in Bitterness or Betterness!

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