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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

18 More Facts About God

18 More Facts About God18 More Facts About God
Matthew 5-7 6:7

If, you read carefully you can actually see the events which happened in the  Bible days (Jesus’ Days) in your mind while you are reading the Bible.

As, I have mentioned before if one reads the Bible they can find out all kinds of interesting things, about God, Jesus’ life, and how we need to act and how we should treat other’s.

It’s really amazing at how God planned everything out so perfectly, even our lives. And, yes I know what you are fixing to say, “life isn’t all that great” or maybe you will say, “well mine sure hasn’t been a good life.”

You know the ole saying, “Life is what you make it” well it’s really true if you think about it. We live our lives by how we look at life, how we think about the things which go on in our lives, how we treat people, how we act towards them, our words, we all live by our words. If, we talk mean and hateful to someone then that’s exactly how it’s going to be in your life another ole saying “words kill” another words, what ever you speak hatefully or hurtful to someone, you will live by your own words, the hurtful words you say to someone, can kill them emotionally , I know I am experiencing this right now, the words can hurt one spiritually and can kill their hearts.

What I mean by that is this, anytime we hurt someone by what we say or do, and how we treat them it does something to the inside of how ones feel and takes it, it stays with us a long time. If, we steal from someone, well you would be stolen from and sometimes, much more than what was stolen from you.

There is all kind of ways we can look at life, but God planned everything out just perfectly. Hey, my life hasn’t been great all my life, I have been through some tuff stuff, not because I treated people wrong, it was because I thought I knew better for myself than anyone else did, I got with the wrong people, married the wrong ones, two I didn’t 🙂 but it’s just an example.

This is why, everyone needs to know ALL ACTS OF GOD and HIS PERFECT PLANNING HE DID!

God had a perfect plan, and He knew what He was doing. Just look below, and then go back to the site map and look for more ways God created things and how he did things…. you’ll see my point!

18 More Facts About God

1. Can and will be Seen

Matthew 5:8

2. Loves Peacemakers

Matthew 5:9

3. Dwells in Heaven

Matthew 5:16, 34-48, 6:9

4. Is Glorified by Gods Works

Matthew 5:16

5. Blesses the Just and Unjust

Matthew 5:45

6. Is Perfect

Matthew 5:48

7. Rewards Obedience

Matthew 6:1-6,18

8. Is Omniscient

Matthew 6:4, 6,8,18,32

9. Forgives All Sins

Matthew 6:12-15

10. Is Father to ALL Who Obey

Matthew 5:44-48, 6:4,6,8-15,33, 7:7-11, 13:23

11. Hates Hypocrisy

Matthew 6:1-8,16-18,7:1-5

12. Hears All Prayers

Matthew 6:6,33,7:7-11

13. Has a Kingdom to Set Up and Will to be done on earth

Matthew 6:10,33

14. His Providence is Over All

Matthew 6:11-25

15. Delivers from Evil

 Matthew 6:13,33,7:11

16. Accepts Wholehearted Service

Matthew 6:24

17. Is an Infinite Father

Matthew 7:7-11

18. Will Judge All

Matthew 7:21-23


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