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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

When The Thunder Rolls

Thunder Rumbling --- pouring rain which we need,for the flowers the grass and for the trees and earthWhen The Thunder Rolls

By: Patricia Burnette 9-3-2014

I know these are not perfect, but one morning I was sitting a the kitchen table and just started writing down some things.

I write from my heart and what I feel the Lord wants me to say. So, if they do not sound perfect I am truly sorry.

When, we have that urge or feeling to write down things that are going through our hearts and minds, we just start writing.

I want to Thank the Lord for all he does in my life and all the times He has been right there beside me!



When The Thunder Rolls


When thunder rolls from the heavens, I often think the Lord is angry

Old saying, the Angels are bowling, the lightening flashes through the pouring rain,

Thunder snaps and crackles and pops in light the rain coming down in sheets you can barley see,

Winds that blows the trees and the leaves, blows through the window no one can see,

Thunder Rumbling — pouring rain which we need, for the flowers the grass and for the trees and earth

When the thunder rolls many thoughts I begin to think thinking so many in this head of mine is God angry at me,

Could it be that the Lord is Blessing us, or could it be His angry with us, could it be that the rainbow is on the other side,

What we do not know is the rainbows glows through the sunshine the sunshine after the rain, the beauty of its colors I see,

Makes me glad that Jesus is actually blessing me — the snap and crackling of thunder rolls in the blessing I will see

The sunshine after the storm let’s me know that the Lord is watching over me and there’s a blessing at the end of the storm!



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