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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Scriptures on Prayer

These Scriptures and verses may help you when you have questions about praying or on prayer.Scriptures on Prayer

These Scriptures and verses may help you when you have questions about praying or on prayer. Praying is our way to the Lord and whom which does pray to the Lord trusts him. Id, we didn’t pray we would be so so miserable.

We all need some help in discovering scriptures which will help us get closer to Jesus and to help us keep focus on the things which God wants us to.

Praying is an essential to our lives and we should always pray and lift our loved ones up to the Lord. We should always pray for those we do not even know, you can never limit prayers or praying for other’s and yes, we should pray for ourselves so we can better our outlook on things we go through.

Prayer is a mandatory daily thing we all should always do, and make time for. Jesus, is never deaf to us or never to busy to hear or answer our prayers. I have listed some “Scriptures for Prayers” for you and I do hope they help you!

Luke 18:29-30

Confident Prayer: If am unjust judge helps a poor widow, how much more will a loving Father meet the needs of his children? We have open access into his treasury and can claim his gracious promises. Romans 5:2 ref.

Luke 11:9-10

So we ought to pray with faith and confidence. No need to argue —-just come.

Luke 18:9-17

Arrogant Prayer: True prayer should humble us and make us love other’s more. We should be like children coming to a Father and not like attorneys bringing indictments. If prayer doesn’t bless the one praying, it isn’t likely to help anyone else.

Luke 18:18-27

Ignorant Prayer: Although the young man had many good qualities, one of them was not spiritual understanding. He did not really see himself, Jesus, or the peril he was in because of his riches. The publican went away justified while the young man went away sorrowful. What happens at the close of your prayers?

Luke 18:35-43

Persistent Prayer: The blind man was not to be stopped! He had his great opportunity, and he would not let it pass. Our Lord stopped, looked, listened —healed! Jesus is not too busy to hear you. Just be sure you are in earnest when you pray.

Matthew 21:23-40

The Son : Jesus has authority because He is the Son of God! The vineyard is Israel whose leaders did not respect the Son, when He came. The nation rejected the Father when they refused the witness of John, and now they were about to reject the Son.

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