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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

God Does Many Things2

God Does Many Things

God Does Many Things

When, I look back in my life all the times I should’ve been dead, or close to it, I stop and really think how I would’ve felt, If I didn’t have God in my life and Jesus to go to and talk to and ask for them to look over on me and protect me.

There are times, in our life that God allows some things to cross our path to go through to bring us back to him, because we need to learn something ,or maybe change something about ourselves, or maybe even he wants us to fully trust in Him before He will move us to the next level.

If, people would just stop and think, instead of always talking bad about the Lord and look around them, and see just what all they have that has been given to them freely they might just start thinking more clearly.

People, just do not realize, if it wasn’t for GOD they wouldn’t have the things they do have, like cars, fancy houses, or jobs, nice clothes or even just plain regular clothes, their children, their families, their material things, the beauty of the earth, they just do not realize, who created all that, who made it possible!

Below, are some things that I listed for you to pray fully think about and see what all you Need to be thanking God & Jesus for everyday.

  1. He truly loves us when no one else does
  2. He does Not Lie, so He is someone we can always trust and depend on.
  3. He wants what is best for us, when no one else could care less.
  4. He wants us to be in prosperity, He wants us to live in His light and blessings.
  5. He is always dependable and He is never late.
  6. He is so beautiful inside and out.
  7. He wants you to live in the Future NOT IN THE PAST, Past is gone cannot be changed.
  8. He walks before us.
  9. He walks beside us.
  10. He dines with us, if we allow Him to come into Our Hearts.
  11. He watches over us, each and every day.
  12. He understands my ways and my thoughts better than anyone.
  13. He allows good things to be brought into our life, or material things.
  14. He knows what we think without even saying anything, but He still wants us to ask Him and talk to Him about them.
  15. He knows Our Hearts, even before we do, our hurts, our needs, our tears, loneliness.
  16. He knows how you was going to be even before your birth.
  17. He knows your past and present better than you or anyone else does.
  18. He knows all of our differences and wants to help.
  19. He gives us peace when we don’t see any, all we have to do is ask Him.
  20. He is a faithful God, He forgives us, when we do something wrong, or say something in the wrong way.
  21. He sent His son to die on the Cross for us, He gave up His only SON.
  22. He speaks to us, we just need to listen to Him. His voice will not be someone’s you have never heard, it will be a familiar voice, that we know.
  23. He heals us, and makes us strong, in body and spirit.
  24. He supplies us with all of Our needs.
  25. He makes sure that you are safe when you lay your head down to rest.
  26. He Gives Us FORGIVENESS of OUR SINS.


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