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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Trust In God and God Alone

We Must Trust In God WholeheartedlyTrust In God and God Alone

We Must Trust In God Wholeheartedly

One thing God will do is set His face against those who turn to familiar spirits, and wizards to use themselves by the following and believing in them instead of their maker and creator! Leviticus 20:6

There are thousands of people to this day, who put their trust in psychics and mediums, tarot card readers, and lucky charms etc, and for what?

They consult the stars and make their decisions upon those stars and things, who are just wanting answers for the simplest things in their lives.

Things as ridiculous as when to change their oil in their cars, or when to take the dog to the vet, or when to get their hair cut, and to whom they are to say their I do’s to, I mean come on already. This is so stupid and so hypocritical especially when these kind of people also to confess that they believe in God, their almighty the one who is the creator and maker of all things.

This is so foolish and full of plain ignorance, because only GOD knows these things and He is the one we know without a doubt we can trust and rely on!

Studying God’s word shows us clearly that these things are truly an abomination to Him. You think good luck charms are innocent in having and trusting in, wow, you need to think again and I mean quick like. Things such as these are called a affront to God. One with faith must and should be only in God and God alone in Him, noone one else or anything else. That’s like serving two masters.

You are serving evil and good, which is (evil —– the devil) and the (good —- as in God). It does not work that way never has , and never will, you will never have peace in your life.

We are to have God alone, nothing else, God only knows your future and He’s for real, not like the mediums who talk to the dead, or psychics you think they know your future, horoscopes which people actually live by, etc.

Those which Love Jesus and believe in Jesus Christ do NOT need to depend on such hog wash and look into the stars, etc. for their luck. We can do what God wants and trust that He will bless us and show us ther way, without looking into something which is evil and conniving.

It is wrong to seek our future and guidance through any type of other means, except that through the Lord God Almighty, and or a Godly friend, pastor, counselor that only God approves of.

God becomes offended, when we look to other sources besides Him, when we do you can hang up having any type of peace in your life, having joy and prosperous lives.

If, you are or even ever have consulted or seeking guidance through spirit guides, horoscopes, stars, mediums, tarot cards, or any other kinds of occult, then you need to repent right here and now, and ask God to forgive you of this, because if you do not then you are and will be lost forever. And when you do ask God to forgive you, never look back, because if you do after you ask for forgiveness it will cause you to go straight to hell, you never pass the narrow path to heaven, you will never have peace in your life.

Turn from it now, and keep your heart and mind clear and pure, always be careful on what you read, hear and of course listen to.

Example : If, you are watching TV, but you are trying to listen to the radio all at the same time, you cannot listen to both and concentrate on them at the same time, one will over talk the other one playing. You cannot have or serve two masters. Like Luke 16:13 says.

You will have to choose, if your friends are trying to fill your head with things contrary to what you believe in and to what God’s word says, I think it’s about time you choose different friends.

Listen to gospel music, preaching, Christian radio, read the bible, tapes etc, watch a Christian movie, hang around people who Love God and worship Him, do NOT allow yourself or anyone or anything tear up or poison your inner being and make yourself a garbage dump for evil and the devil.

Always, keep your eyes on God, Godly things anything that you can get your hands on that is GODLY, and get rid of anything around you that isn’t, which is causing you to want to step back into the evil mess you once was in.

Stay away from people who are negative, who want you to fall down with them, stay away from what brings you down and over the edge.

Stay away from evil tactics, mediums, tarots, fortune tellers, psychics, horoscopes, etc. they are truly ungodly and they are not purely good air to breathe.

Always make sure ungodly talk never comes out of your mouth, people are watching and listening.

Jesus said……… “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God!” Matthew 5:8

If, you have a pure heart and you are doing all you can to keep your heart and mind clean from all the garbage out there, you will enjoy having a clean mind as well, and a joyful and peaceful heart and life.

You will see God’s plan in your life. Keep a pure heart before God, turn away from evil things, evil talk and even evil people which keep you pulled down, which try to damage your mind and spirit your inner being that defiles you.



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