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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Reverential Fear Of God

We Must Trust In God WholeheartedlyTo Know God Is To Fear Him

To know God we must fear Him and give awe to Him, to hear from Him and to receive His wisdom and His knowledge.

God, does not expect us to fear Him, like we would someone else we didn’t know, but to fear God is to know Him and to want him in our lives and our hearts.

Reverential fear is to know that God is God, and that He means what He says. He don’t mean maybe, or I’m not sure if I need to punish you or bless you, He isn’t talking about that type of fear or questioning His goodness.

God calls us His friends, His sons, His daughters, but we are supposed to respect Him and Honor Him with reverential obedience, and Love Him with all our hearts, not despise Him, like so many do.

That is wrong and that is also what’s wrong in this world, so many millions will end up getting left, because they have left God out of their lives and they have lost their ways. They have forgotten all about Him, because they just want to do their own thing, they have forgotten that if it wasn’t for God, they wouldn’t even be here.

So many blame God for their bad lives, they blame Him for everything that happens, but what they are not connecting with is their inner selves. They are forgetting who is living like there is no tomorrow and drinking, cursing, lying, stealing, sleeping around, fortification, same sex marriages, etc. they have lost the connection between God and His love.

They blame God for all their mishaps, when they need to stop and think who put themselves in that circumstances, God didn’t, God isn’t like that, but if people do not wake up, they will see God’s wrath and then it will be to late, to fear God the way God wants us to fear Him.

Let’s get God back into the World, by repenting and showing Him Honor, above all show Him Our Love and Devotion!!!


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