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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Accommodate Our Family and Friends

Accommodate Our Family and Friends

Accommodate Our Family and Friends
Romans 15:2

Teaches us to accommodate our family and neighbors we are to please them. God wants us to be good people and to strive to be all we can be, we are to take others burdens on our shoulders of others.

We are to be God pleasers, not self pleasers or even people pleasers. If we seek and love the approval of others, then we became people pleasers.

Like, me to keep down fussing and arguing no matter with who I am usually trying to please people in my family, because I have never liked the fussing and arguing we moved away a few times because of all the fussing and arguing, in my family. I hate the fussing, arguing, lying, cursing one out, hanging up on the one’s that are always there for them, back – biting, etc. I did, I pleased more people around me, than pleasing the main person and that is our Lord Jesus Christ.

I would usually break down and please others not God, or me, others and all through life I always thought we were to make people happy and then we became happy by making others happy. Me, I always enjoyed putting a smile in other faces and hearing their joy in their voice, hearing them laugh. It was my task everyday to do what I was to and that was to please people, not myself but as I read in Romans all those years I have been misunderstanding the whole purpose.

See, I thought, when you put others first and please others, to stop fussing and arguing, trouble I was pleasing God and myself because I was keeping peace and we are to keep peace, but I was now worried about pleasing others more than God and always letting things go, getting behind on things I felt God wanted me to do.

Which, I loved being liked and loved, but I always wanted others to just love me for me not be jealous of me or anything, I never went and looked for people to like me or love me or accept me, but I would do my best to keep peace and keep smiles in others faces.

Like Paul, in Galatians, I was kind of like him, he was trying to accommodate himself, and others to with their opinions, desires so they may be saved. (Galatians 1:10)

(1 Corinthians) Paul strive to accommodate his self to opinions, desires, interests of others, adapting his self to all man in all he was doing so they would be saved.

Like me I thought I was pleasing God, by pleasing others them pleasing myself way down the road.

But I was and have been missing the whole entire meaning of (Romans 15:2,3)

We need to please God before anything or any one, no matter if others get mad, or angry by us doing so.

Like Paul, I loved to please others and see the smile and laugh. I’ve always been like that even since I was little, still am today at 50 but I understand clearer now.

Instead of being more of a God pleaser through all these years I became a people pleaser, not knowing it was wrong in a way because I was always trying to please everyone to stop fussing and arguing just to keep peace. But, I was always worried about if I didn’t do this or that or agree with this or that, hell would break loose and in many instances it did.

People pleasers, as I have been and this is so true about me, always afraid to say no, we get so afraid of saying no, we loose our grip so to speak because of the trouble it may cause or causes. But those who expect to always have yes said to them they are afraid of being rejected, and get mad and angry, ones who try to please others fear of the judgment of what people think and pray, anger and the disapproval.

God pleasers – are graceful based people they do not seek other approval, one because we have already been approved by God. They don’t seek others approvals, due to insecurity or fear. God pleasers strive to follow God with their whole hearts but they seek and to please and minister to others without compromise, fear or rejection.

(Romans 15:13) Doubting, which steals our joy, we have to conquer doubt with believing, we must talk to our hearts to believe and not doubt.

This used to be me too, I used to and still allot of times the devil makes me question that my sins aren’t forgiven and I sometimes find myself asking forgiveness for the same things over and over again.

Doubting is unbelief, it takes the meaning of trusting God and Jesus out of their true meaning of being our Lord of Lord, Kings of Kings, Lord of Savior. We must not doubt we have to do our part and stand form, make the devil quiver in fear because we overcome doubt by always trusting and believing in our savior our conqueror, our trust worthy Savior Jesus.


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