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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Patience, Persistence, and Fishing 2

Patience, Persistence, and FishingPatience, Persistence, and Fishing

 “Are you waiting for the big one, or satisfying yourself with minnows?”

There’s only one way to receive anything from God, and that is by unwavering (patient, persistent) faith.

People who are patient will understand that God is not a magician who snaps his fingers to cause things to happen. They will allow the Lord time enough to work things out in order to bring His scriptural promises into reality.

Persistence and patience are pretty close to each other.

Exercising patience until you see the promises of God fulfilled – until you see the unseen come out into the visible realm – is persistence.

That’s where the body of Christ is missing the mark. A lot of Christians loose patience and quit waiting to see the promises of God fulfilled in their lives.

“What if that farmer got impatient and kicked the seeds out of the ground as they were beginning to sprout because it was taking too long for them to grow?”

You see, there is a period of time involved in the growth process. A seed needs time to grow. It takes a period of time for the word of God to grow and mature inside your heart.

If you become impatient and don’t allow time for the seed of the word to grow in you, it will die.

The devil will come along and rob you of what God has promised will be yours, like the fowls of the air steal the farmer’s seed.

However, if you will exercise patience and have confidence in God, and obey His word, you will possess the promises of God. Not only will they be fulfilled in your life, but you will also be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

I don’t care how long you’ve been believing God for something, whether it is a week, 6 months, years, longer, make a quality decision to hold onto God’s promise, and determine not to go by what you see, but by what God has said.

The devil wants to discourage you and get you to loose sight of your goal.

He will say; “Well, it didn’t happen did it? You might as well give up!”

So you listen to those words and give up, instead of holding fast to what you are believing God for, and you never inherit or possess the promises.

It is imperative to have patience and persistence if your dreams/visions are to be fulfilled. When those dreams/visions are challenged by the perplexities of life, only patience enables you not to be angered or discouraged.

                                        Confess this with me:

I’m seated together in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. And, because of my confidence, because of exercising patience, I’m possessing the promises of God. I’m participating in, sharing in, His Divine nature and nothing will trouble me. 

Mark Verses

Mark 7:10 Moses said, Honor (revere with tenderness of feeling and deference your father and your mother and, He who curses or reviles or speaks evil of or abuses or treats improperly his father and mother let him surely die.

Exodus 20:12, 21:17
Leviticus 20:9
Duet. 5:16
Mark 15: 11, 12, 20-23

Mark 1: 16-20
Joyce asks in her bible, if you have ever been fishing? We all know there are different types of bait. There are men and women fishermen.

God expects us to demonstrate through our lives, our words, actions of the blessing of following him. There are some people who respond to how we act how we show our love for God, His love and grace, while others see the Joy and peace you have in your life.

God always gives us every day opportunity to fish!

Mark 1:35
Jesus loved to pray, he always prayed. Most people don’t get up early for anything only if its important enough. Me I used to until my body just has gotten so worn out from family ordeals, depression, nerves, not enough sleep, not eating right, by the time my body is ready to get up its like 10am – 11 or 12pm. I used to get up at 6am , 9am?

Jesus didn’t display his prayer time. He went in private where he could pray. The bible simply says,” He prayed”. prayer is vital and powerful but needs to be kept simple in our lives.

Mark 3:27
Jesus teaches us that we must bind the strong man which is the devil. We are not to ever become passive as a Christian and forget that Jesus instructs us to take authority over and bind the energy. We bind him in Jesus’ name he has to let loose!

Mark 4:24
Says the more time we spend in the word the more we get out of it, the more we can and will apply it to our lives and it helps us grow in the word we get out of the word what we put into it, the more we put into the more we can live by it.

Mark 6:11 (Shake off rejection)

Luke 10:16 ” He who hears and heeds you hears and heeds me; and he who slights and rejects your slights and rejects me; and who slights and rejects me slight and rejects him who sent me.”

We are not supposed to worry about what others think of us, the devil is always putting people or finding people who will think something unkind about you.

Mark 6:7-11
When Jesus sent his disciples out into the towns to punch he told them what to do if the people rejected them. He didn’t stand around and cry and be wounded and hurt about it, bleeding, embarrassed He told them to : “SHAKE IT OFF!”

We all need to take Jesus’ advice and learn to shake off our troubles, problems, disappointments and rejections. If others reject you there will be more sent to accept you!

Mark 8:14-17 Reasoning robs your peace!

Mark 8:38
When Jesus died on the cross He said those of us who want to follow Him will also have to carry a cross in life. (Mark 8:34)

The cross we are to bare isn’t disasters , diseases, devastation, or any others miserable thing people can think of:

Christianity is something gracious, relationship to enjoy. People seem to think being a Christian is a burden to bear, but its not. Being a Christian can be and is a fun relationship.

We do carry the Cross for and with Jesus, Jesus said our cross is to live unselfish lives. He said we are to forget about ourselves, losing sight of ourselves and our own interests. And that literally means we must live for God and other people. We must lay down our lives down and do what is for good of others people and Gods Kingdom.

When we think of the choice to live an unselfish life, something deep within us cries out, ” What about me?”

The good is God takes care of us if we do what He asks us to do. Each act of obedience to God’s will is a seed we sow that reaps an abundant harvest of peace and joy, blessings in our own lives.

God has not called us to takes care of ourselves, He has not called us to “in reach” but to “out reach”.

We are to “Reach out to other” be there for them honor them, love them, help them, and God will take care of our needs when we help others.

Do not be afraid to trust in God with yourself, give yourself away, sow yourself as a seed and get ready for a great life. Jesus said, that unless the grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies it would abide alone, but if it dies, it will bear much fruit. (John 12:24)

Mark 10:35-37
If God asked you today, “What would you ask him to do for you?” How would you respond? Me personally, I would ask him to come into my heart and reveal Himself to me.

James and John wanted to see Jesus was the first thing he wanted.

Think about it, lets not be selfish!

Mark 16:15,17-18
We are to go into all the world and share and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are to publish it openly. Some churches don’t teach speaking in new tongues laying hands on the sick.

Some ignore it, some skip through versus only to find some they can deal with and they skip the ones that they really need to read.

We are to read all of God’s word not just bits and pieces.

Mark 16:20
The apostles went everywhere preaching the Gospel the word of God, performing miracles. Miraculous healings. As long as we follow Jesus and do as he wants us to, we can expect miraculous healings in our lives. It don’t matter where you are, where you work, make sure you are doing God’s work, he will see you through.


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