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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Love Growing Cold

Love Growing Cold?

Don’t Be Let Your Love Grow Cold

Matthew 24

In the book of Matthew, it talks about the end times, which is getting closer and closer each and everyday. There are so many people which we already know that is happening now more than ever, whose love is growing so very cold towards one another, and no regard for their feelings at all, there are rumors of wars, famines, earthquakes, and much more deception than ever in history, more tornados, evil government, it’s happening everywhere.

This isn’t the only signs, Matthew 24;12 says that “the love of the great body of people will grow old, due to the lawlessness and wickedness of the land.”

What is the “Great Body” , it is the church, not the world. Pressure of the rampant evil; difficult circumstances, stress of the modern day life style, which produces the atmosphere which becomes supercharged with problems that most seem to ignore, that their love walk with God, which they become concentrated on just themselves. They are only caring of what they want, need and desire, thinking of only themselves in all areas, worry about only their feelings, noone else’s feelings, and trying to solve their problems.

They become lazy, they don’t want to show their love to noone else but themselves. They talk bad about other people, Christians, and the pastors, and ministers, but they never stop and think of how they are acting and how they talk about and to other’s.

God’s is a divine Father, and He would never ever tell us to do or act this way. Just think if we tend to his business, He will tend to our’s. We are to concentrate on REPRESENTING HIM, not ourselves , He wants us to prosper and be of joy in the proper way, it’s impossible unless we are walking in the Love that God wants us to have in our hearts.

When we do this, He gives us many things like wisdom to deal with our problems, but yet when we all become so involved with our own selves that makes us powerless.

But, when we love and let God deal with us and we show love for others and not ourselves, He will bring deliverance from them.

Have you ever noticed that God doesn’t always give us the ability to solve our own problems, even, when we feel so powerless to solve our own, God does enable us to solve someone else’s problems?

If, you will think about this, I often do even now, when I am going through so much back years ago, and as I said, even now, there comes a time when I am trying so very hard to help solve everyone else’s problems and be there for them, because I Love Them, more than myself , why???

Because God, has put that LOVE inside of me, and my heart reaches out, He has given me the gift to love other’s more than myself. I have always been the type of person to be right there for other’s, I have always dropped everything I was doing, no matter if I was feeling bad, tired or had work to do, etc. I was there —— everyone has problems noone is exempt — but, if more people who shows God’s love and their love to other’s, their own problems God will fix.

This world would surely be a much better place to live in. There are times, when I was so bombarded with everything happening around me, that it drove me slap crazy, I was irritable, I was snappy, I didn’t mean to be, but I never had time to accomplish what I needed to do, or had to do.

But, God knew I loved people, He knew that my family was my heart, also no matter how I get treated, I was always there, why???

Because I showed LOVE, no matter what and still do. I asked the Lord to help me cope, to help me do what is right, help me to handle it all. And, He did!!

Sow seeds into other’s lives, not just your own, help them with things, go see them, be a blessing to them, call them, ask them if they need something, take them somewhere — anything. Just show them you love them, then all your problems will work themselves out. Because God has you covered, He has your back, side and front.

If, you sow into other’s lives, God’s Harvest is in your’s and it will be bountiful. Never let the sun go down on your wrath….or your anger and resentments.

Don’t let your love grow cold, just because your own needs seem more important than other’s let them feel your love for them.

Stir it up, whip it out because LOVE CHANGES things and People, whether it be your friends, family, children, uncles, aunts, sisters, etc.

Always reach out to other’s and show how much your love can mean to them, because when you can’t then whether you realize it or not, all you are doing is making things much worse than they already are.

REACH OUT : Pray for them, bless them, reach out to those who are hurting, who are in bad health, who needs uplifted, don’t make excuses why you can’t do something, and do not ignore them because it will end up coming back on you 100 times more than you put out.

Make sure when you get up; PRAY and ASK God to help you, show your love and be a blessing to someone and their lives.


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