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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Recognizing Your Place In Christ

"Recognizing Your Place In Christ"

 “We simply need to acknowledge three things”

“Recognizing Your Place In Christ”

When we take a look at ourselves and we know Jesus and the Lord God, we often wonder why don’t I feel different, why don’t I talk the same? You are often saying. “what is my purpose, why was I born, why do I not feel the joy inside I should be feeling?”

Why does God want me? What makes me so special? How can He want me after all I have done in my life, and things I have said to other’s?

God, is partial toward you because you are cleaned by the Blood of Jesus Christ and He blesses you with all His blessings.

Most of us, want other’s to recognize your worth, your talents, your abilities, and to actually respond to you accordingly; but the scriptures teach that we must first recognize and draw us near to our own treasures inside before others can or will see them.

Too many of us always tend to look to the outside rather than the inside, when searching for our self worth. We we do that, we overlook the untapped reservoir deep within us. The seed of Christ Jesus is within us , if we have been born again.

His presence opens unlimited potential to us to do “BIG & BRAVE THINGS & BOLD THINGS” for ourselves and God, but unless we acknowledge that potential, it will lie as a doormat and be unfruitful as well.

Acknowledge — Means is “know” which means to be certain of; regard as true beyond a doubt.

When we acknowledge something you confess, avow, or admit the existence, which is reality, or the truth of it. Acknowledge, can also mean to “wale up to something” that is potentially available to you and to yield to something.

It simply means to admit the truth to ourselves. And also about ourselves.

We have within us the seeds of great thoughts, talents, inspired ideas, and wisdom to much to acknowledge, and anointing. Seed, to do whatever God has called us to do, are all inside us. We simply need to acknowledge three things :

Three things to Think About:

  • If, you don’t know about something, you can’t have it.
  • If you don’t have the key to unlock it’s door, you can’t get in or get it out.
  • If you don’t get in there and get it out, it won’t do you any good.

All this I am writing to you will also help you to recognize and accept these good things God has placed within you. It is to help you bring them forth, out of you, so that they will produce fruit in your life.

More things to Think About:

  • Without Jesus, you cannot enter “Heaven”
  • Without Seeking His Face and His forgiveness you will end up in hell.
  • Without confessing your every sin, hell will open wide when Christ Returns, which is really closer now than we ever could think about.

All the calamity which is happening now, is His warnings to America and all around the world and if this world does not repent…..the wrath of GOD is coming as we are right now.

Repent of your sins, and ask Jesus to Come into your heart and ask Him to reveal to you what He wants you to do.


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