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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Are You Sure of Your Purpose

We are to always "Watch and Pray" to our own lives, without doing this we can easily loose sight of the things which we need to be doing for Jesus“Are You Sure of Your Purpose”

Have you ever, I am sure you have been wondering, “just what is my purpose in life” there is always something blocking me and interfering with what I want to do or the things I need to do.

There are so many times I have wondered this, why am I even around, because I try so hard to keep peace in my family, always doing my best to do what’s right, doing my best to be a good daughter and friend and sister, aunt ,niece, mother you name it, to be there and still to this day, I am not gaining any grounds for what I have tried to do.

When I wrote this I was 50 yrs old, I am now 51 yrs old, there is so much animosity in my family, this person cannot stand this person, this person hates this person, I mean come on already this is years of stuff, that should’ve already been throwed out the window and started over forgiving whomever is the one whom started the mess or who is keeping it on. And the attitudes, whoa, I try so hard to get each other to talk to one another and let them know I cannot be like that.

God tells us, to FORGIVE…. why isn’t anyone getting the message? So, I always wonder why am I even back here in Alabama, why and what is the purpose of my being back when I can’t after all the years been trying to get those to talk and forgive each other, by having get togethers, and birthday parties etc. Someone, always has to start something, or show themselves out in public, etc. So just what is my purpose?

I try so hard to be the best I can be, and sometimes I sit and wonder what in the world am I here for, because no matter what I do or what I give up, dropped home based business etc., it’s like nothing I try is good enough for my family —- always trying —- nothing works!

The Past 3 years being back from Mississippi, we moved back mainly because of my mother’s health and she is 79, and with it being and getting so bad, my mother wanted me close, because she knew I would always be there for her, and never had an excuse why I couldn’t be. My mother and I have a very close relationship, and if something would happen to her, it would take me 4 -5 hrs to get from Mississippi to here, so we agreed we’d move back.

Since, then I have been nothing but sick with something can’t get or should I say, couldn’t get anything done, because of being sick most of the time we have been back, feuding going on, fussing, stolen from by a family member, and verbally abused, cursed at, screamed at, by people I truly love and adore. No matter what is done to me by my family I was and still am always there. Nothing I can say or do, strikes anyone’s nerves or hearts to let them see they cannot act and do the things they do, so just what is my purpose?

I am reminded many times GOD is NOT done with me yet! My purpose is to: LOVE GOD with all my Heart, trusting in Him, believing in Him, Relying on Him, and always be there for me, when I am down depressed, upset, or in pain.

He’s there, He has My Back, He’s got me covered with His Love, His Divine Powerful Wondrous Blood! I am doing what I feel is my purpose and that is, this website, trying to reach those who are not sure of what to do, how we should act, let other’s know of Jesus’ Love and the Power of His Precious Blood. My Graphics I make out of other Graphics, to Love one another as He loves me, to always lend a helping hand to those who need one, to always share God’s Mercy and His Grace to those who need it, to always be all I can be in Him, to always show understanding to those who has none, to do my best in all I do and can do, to show God’s Love for them and that needs to learn how to rely on Him, in all that goes on in their lives, to remind them That GOD HAS THEIR BACKS, and God does work through their circumstances to make them in perfection and to try to spread the Love and The Word of God to those who may not know Him, before it’s to late, the list goes on and on!

Whatever is your purpose, always believe there is one, never give up, ask God to reveal to you your purpose. God, knows your heart better than anyone else, better than yourself, and if you trust in Him you will be at peace and He will give you rest and the desires of your heart, if it’s in His will, you will find your purpose just ask Him and He will tell you!

Always, do your best be all you can be in Him, depending on God, not man —- because man will always fail you somewhere, but GOD WILL NEVER EVER FAIL YOU!

God has already given you, the Authority just reach out and grab it! Because if you don’t you will never know God’s will and His true Love for you! Remember —- He tried to show the whole entire world —- HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON—- to show His Love, to show the whole world His love, because He does LOVE YOU!

Show God Your Love and Let God show you all the wonderful things He has for you, by living for Him!


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