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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Tired of Overloading Life

“Overloading Life can Be Dangerous”

Exodus 19 God does not have to anoint anything, He does tells me not to do. It is true Jesus is the Authorer and Finisher of my faith. Hebrews 12:2, but He does not have to finish anything He didn’t start.

Exodus 18:23, Moses, was told that he would be able to endure the strain if he would do what God commanded him to do.

We all need to realize, that God does not give us more than we can handle or stand or endure. He will give each of us, the ability and strength to perform and do what He assigns us to do. Something good about it is, when God gives us things to do, we don’t have to dread doing it, or drag our bodies around like zombies to get it done, drawn down with stress.

Jesus said, He came that we might “have and enjoy life, and have it more abundantly with endurance abundance to the fullest, till it overflows.” John 10:10

Many of us are out of balance and I know I have been and still am in a way, because of all the stress and the fussing and arguing in my family which is enough to bring you down, because you are scared to answer your phone, or scared to answer your door, or even an email, or text.

But, I continue to be the go between and try to keep peace and do my best to always talk with love and understanding. If, we want to stay in balance we have to put on a happy face and put our hands up and say “Enough is Enough” I am going to get back in the balance and do this and stick to it. I want to truly do things God’s way, because He knows what’s best for me and He also knows how to do it, and lead me to do things the right way.

Doing things God’s way is important, and there was a time, where I actually thought “no my way is better” I was so wrong back then, and I realized through the years that “GOD’S WAY IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN MINE.”

We cannot do things all on our own, we will never accomplish anything in our lives, if we continue to think our way is better, because it’s surely not. God is the one we can always count on for everything, from our health to our redemption, to our lives we live and what’s best for us and our families.

Without God’s help and His direction, hey people we are lost as the hills, it’s like this “I don’t know” or “I can’t do that” or maybe it’s a “I have no idea”, “I quit” or I used to say all the time “I’M done” attitude.

I have been so guilty of those words, not because I lost my faith, but because those that I thought was put in my path to help me, they didn’t for very long, they quit, and it seemed like they wanted me to be there for them all the time, but when I needed help it was like they all scattered. It’s like their selfishness got in the way and they only cared about themselves, you know the word “overroad them” and their goals in their minds, no matter if they promised they would be there for you or not, they backed out.

When someone says, “I will help you I’d be glad to” or “just let me know” and you do, and they never show up or you are unable to get a hold of them. You know the routine, I’m sure.

So, due to all the lies, promises, etc. from other’s I have quit believing and trusting in other’s to help me along my way. I chose to give up, but I never do, because that is not how God created me to be, I keep going.

The main creativity God gave me I put to use every chance I get, and that is through Web Design, or Graphics, and no one there can help me do that, but other things they could if they wouldn’t back out on me.

God knows me better than anyone, and He knows what I can do and what I am unable to do, and that is like, God making promises to me He is unable to keep. I know without a doubt, that GOD keeps His promises, and I know that He will never fail me.

People with selfish goals and motives will not succeed, I Love the Lord and I know that I am loved by Him, and the right people will soon one day come along, if it’s meant to be that will always be there to help me and not fail me.

No matter how many times, I have asked for help, or the help is offered, Only God knows if they are ready to commit themselves and are ready to do what I need done, it will happen.


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