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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

No Hell, No Heaven No Jesus

You Say No Hell, No Heaven, No Jesus

 “No Hell, No Heaven No Jesus ”

“Proof You Are Wrong” I have seen post’s of people saying, they do not believe in Heaven, Hell, or Jesus, or that there is a God… it just frustrates me so bad that they can be so naive and they do not realize that there are many ways to prove that there always has been a “Heaven a Hell and A Jesus and a God” who does exists and which is REAL and ALIVE! I seen a post today while updating this page, where people on “Topix” saying they do not believe in Jesus and they do not even think a hell is real. I am appalled to see that there are so many who have been so deceived and lied to it is so sad. Many say they do not even believe in the preachers on what they say… some may not be teaching the truth, but I sure know the truth and the BIBLE CLEARLY tells everyone who will open their eyes and ears and listen to the words that is being spoken to them…. 


I have listed just a few things to get through to those who just keep saying there isn’t a Jesus and God does not exist and there is no Hell, or Heaven!

What they are not realizing is this :

  • If there is no God, then how do you think you got here?
  • If there is no God, then how do you think this earth took form?
  • If there is no God, then how do you explain, the trees, grass, flowers, rivers, the stars, the moon, the sun, and so much more!
  • If there is No God, how do you even think where the food and vegetables , flour, wheat, things like that come from…..they just didn’t happen to get here by themselves.
  • If there is no God, then how do you explain, the Bible?
  • If there is no God, then how do you explain the night and day from morning to afternoons, and evenings?
  • If there is no Jesus, then how do you explain the Easter which every child looks forward to and parents get prepared for and Easter is celebrated each year because JESUS ROSE AGAIN FROM THE GRAVE?
  • If there is No Jesus, then you need to read the Bible, as if it wasn’t for God, sacrificing His Only Begotten Son, to die on the cross, for YOU so YOU can have forgiveness of the sins in which you commit, everyday?
  • If there was no Jesus, then how do you think you are still alive and not dead?
  • If there is no HELL, then you are sadly mistaken as YES there is. I experienced it by taking some expired muscle relaxers which I didn’t know they was, and almost died and I went to what they call Hell, and I seen things and people screaming.

And, thousands of people have experienced Hell, and have come back to tell it. So before you think for one minute there is no place called hell… I really do pray you repent of your sins right now , because if you do not, you will find all about hell when you arrive!


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