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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Weapons Of Power Over Sin & Evil

When we talk about "Evil & Satan" we are speaking of "Darkness."Weapons Of Power Over Sin & Evil

When we talk about “Evil & Satan” we are speaking of “Darkness.”

Firstly, before we go further, let’s go ahead and tell “satan” where and what he can do. I was watching TBN one day and I was listening to a preacher , and she was preaching on telling “satan” to give back things in which he had stolen and have taken from our lives.

He has taken, family member’s, our finances, our cars, our dignity, our homes, etc. and we before we get started we are going to let “satan” know we are tired and fed up!

Tell “satan” to give it all back to you. In Jesus Name. If, you have to and would like to, tell “satan”, what all you want back, which he had stolen from you. In Jesus Name! Tell him, that he isn’t going to steal anything else from you ever again, that what he had taken, is the last thing he will ever ever take again. That the Power of The Blood of Jesus Christ is over you and all God has given you and he is going to cough it all out. In Jesus Name!

Here are some verses on Satan :

Zecc 3:2
Matt 12:26, 16:23
Mark 4:15
Rom 16:20
1 Tim 1:20
Rev 12:9, 20:2,7 20:7-10


Pro 2;15, 14:2 , 21:8


Matt 4:1,5,8,11 13:39, 25:41
Acts 10:38
1 John 3:8
Eph 6:11
1 Tim 3:7

We all know that there are many more verses on Satan, and how he works, and what His names are, etc. And, one thing we do know that the “ANTI-CHRIST” is going to be made in his image, that is where the cloning I believe is going to come in.

I also, heard on a show on TBN, which states who the “ANT-CHRIST” is going to be, but I just don’t see how, but the Bible Codes don’t reveal anything and everything, from the very beginning of time, and also, has people’s names in the Bible Codes. Come to find out we are not to even be looking into Bible Codes!

They are saying, that “Prince Charles of Wales” is going to be the Anti-Christ, and I doubt that one very much.

Because of the Coat of Arms, describes the Anti-Christ in the Bible. Which, if we look at all the satanic, things in the world, several famous known people, etc. has these types of symbols, etc.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that Prince of Charles, isn’t, but I am saying unless one knows the Bible Codes, and how to read them which I do not, think anyone  really knows. All we know is that he is or was a famous person, in which everyone trusted, etc.

His title will be a number of a man “666”

Satan Lucifer—- ANTI-CHRIST

The Beast will come from the Bottomless Pitt, the upside down cross, is devil. Devil got into him when he was a boy.

The Anti-Christ, which Satan will takeover this popular being, and make the world believe all his false promises, and all his so called, kindness and support for the people, will start changing, then he turns into an evil wicked ugly being creature with horns and wings and is black and then he jumps down, knocks his brother down and tries to choke him.

He went in the European Union where he was offered to work with his Dad’s Company– he refused; he said, he’s going to change the world, he has a brother, named David, he is the Head of the European Union.

25 yrs later—

His Dad was going to make a speech on His Estate, 1 star the evil in his eyes, he learned everything. And, he threw his hat over the balcony and then he looked like the devil and he his brother didn’t do anything and he started crying.

Later he went to Africa to win them Chinese and 1 Litians, turn on the Anti-Christ. The firs on him. Then they blew up, where he was, David his brother thought. he was dead, he walks up and there he is, and he says : Surprise, so you think you know me, think again.

He said, he has walked through history by many names, & his brother was closer by him to do his handy work.

He summoned the darkness — says his lord— armies turn his way — but they still fight. Sun turns into fire —then black……………… God is coming!!!

Satan himself, earth cracks open —then Bright Light Jesus Is Coming! Horses, and light kills all the bad soldiers everyone looks up, then throws him in hell and holler’s out, “Nazarene of David” Satan is bounded — Chained — Promise God. The Beautiful earth In Heaven.


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