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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Suffering For Jesus Christ 2

Dec. 9th 2004 I was getting ready to read my Bible, and when I opened it, I opened it to this which I am recording below.Suffering For Jesus Christ

By Patricia Burnette (December 2004)

Dec. 9th 2004 I was getting ready to read my Bible, when I opened it, I opened it to this which I am recording below. I have been praying to the Lord for Him to let me know why I always have a hard time with things and people around me always having a problem, themselves.

It is laid on my heart to write this and include this in my Bible Research Book, and also, spread this around to people whom ask why, may just need to know why, why God hasn’t healed them yet.

I also, have been asking the Lord to guide me and give me something to let me know what I need to do and what I am doing wrong. Some, don’t believe in when you just open the bible to a certain verse which applies to you, without looking it up. I am here to say, it does happen and I am a witness to this.

I have also, been asking God why, don’t you heal your people and why don’t you heal my parents and why do you make them suffer so?

What I am about to share with you will even make you understand and know exactly why, we suffer. I myself, have been down and depressed which I have been for so many months, and years, since I have been back in Alabama.

I was so happy when my Bible which my Mother Bought me ****SMILING**** it was turned to this when I opened it, I was relieved, you may as well say and I had a smile on my face real Big, and hollered from this sleeper berth, “I FOUND IT I FOUND IT.” And, my husband, Joe said, what did you find? I went from this sleeper berth and sat in that hard hard seat and read it to Him, because sometimes he asks, why.

Ask, yourselves these 10 questions right now, if you will:

  1. Why, do I hurt so much all the time?
  2. Why, do I always have to go through all these ups and downs in life?
  3. Why, do I always seem to have joy in the things I used to do, because of people knocking everything I try?
  4. Why, do I always seem to not get anywhere with the things I enjoy and love doing?
  5. Why, is it that it seems like I am always fighting a spiritual battle?
  6. Why, can’t I ever get rid of the feelings of guilt on things I have done?
  7. Why, does it seem like everyone wants to hurt me and use me?
  8. Why, does satan always torment me and make things into a lie?
  9. Why, is it some people just don’t get it?
  10. Why, is it some people love to backstab me and lie on me and it hurting me so?

Below, I am going to give you some answers to some that you may see, just why?

Turn to Acts 9:14-16 (But before you do please read below)

When we ask Why, Why Why? And, sometimes it seems like Our Lord isn’t listening to us, but I have some Wonderful News for you….The Lord Listens all the time, and stays awake 24/7, he never sleeps!

Remember, when Jesus was crucified, do you remember the stripes he bore for us, do you or can you just imagine how painful that was for him to get beaten such a way? Do, you remember all the times he was mocked and lied on and denied? It’s, worse than getting a spur in your foot, and a broke arm, or an hurt hip and back such as mine and my mother’s, and my sister’s. I thought I was hurting real bad. Momma, I am not saying you don’t hurt because I surely know you are and I surely know your pain is much worse than mine ever could be. There was times which I prayed to carry my mother’s pain, just so she could be relieved from her’s; because I spent allot of precious time with her, before I ended up in this truck with my husband. Momma, you have this in your’s like mine, but Please will you read anyway!! ****GRINNING****

Whether, some know or not Why,Why,Why, I am going to really let one see Why!

Paul’s conversation and salvation meant only a commission to preach the gospel, but also was called to suffer SEE SUFFER….:-D) for Christ. Paul was told from the beginning that he must undergo much suffering for the cause of and for Christ.

Ok, let’s see SUFFER….we all know what it means right! Ok, let’s go further.

In Christ’s Kingdom, suffering for His sake, is a sign of God’s highest favor! 😀
And, the means to a fruitful ministry, it’s results in abundance and rewards in Heaven.
Death, must work on believer’s in order for God’s life might follow from them to other’s.


We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God. (1st) Strengthening the disciples and encouraging them to remain true to FAITH.

Through many hardships those who commit themselves to Christ’s Lordship and who will finally enter the Kingdom of Christ, must suffer, many hardships along the way. Living in a hostile world ,they must engage in spiritual warfare against sin and Satan’s Power.

(1)Those who are Faithful to Christ, his word and his righteous ways can expect trouble in this world. Only the lukewarm for compromising believers will find peace and comfort from the world.

(2)The present evil world and false believers will remain adversaries to the gospel of Christ until the Lord overthrows the world’s evil system at His coming.

Meanwhile the hope of believers is stored up in heaven, and will be revealed in the last time. Their hope is met in this life now in this world, but in the appearance of their Savior, to take them to Himself.

Now, when we wonder why, why, why and wonder when when, and how and how….let’s just remember ourselves in Jesus’s place where he was and what he had to endure. When, we ask why, why it’s like telling God He’s not in control and He does not know what He is doing.

Now, I will admit, I am one of these folks, and I know I am guilty of always asking why Father why? Father, why are you letting this happen, why wont you do this , why wont you do that? Now, I know and that is the point of my doing this….I KNOW WHY!!!!

No matter how many times I have Failed my Father, he is always there and I can stop asking why all the time, because He suffered so much and what’s a little suffering that we endure here on earth compared to what Christ Jesus suffered for you and I?

Let’s always, remember when we are wanting to ask WHY WHY WHY, let’s stop and think WHY?

WHY WHY WHY……let’s remember why He suffered and Died and why He bore all those stripes and why he died with a hole in His side!

Now, to our questions:

One simple plain answer : God puts BUMPERS into our way in order to keep us on the right track with Him. Satan, however puts tribulations’ which are sometimes very dangerous in our paths. God, however, only wants to keep His chosen, in the right direction, so let’s try to remember to STOP asking why all the time and think of why Jesus did what He did and why we must suffer….REMEMBER Our Suffering isn’t nothing compared to what Jesus suffered!!! No matter why we can’t do this or why that or why anything, just Put your Smile on your Face and say “I’m Suffering for Jesus Christ…and I know He Loves me and will See Me Through!!!!

Some Backup Scriptures:

Acts 14:22 , Matt 5:11-12, Rom 8:17-18, Rom 36:37,2Ti 2:12, 2Cor 4:10-12,Eph 6:12,2Ti 1:4-7,Jn 16:33,Jn 14:1-3, Rev 19:20, Col 1:5,1Peter 1:5, 1Jn 3:2-3


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