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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

41 of God’s Promises

34 Blessings of Christ and God's Promises also God Promised He's With You and here's another one Promises of God41 of God’s Promises

If, one would really get deep in the Bible they would find all kinds of Promises God made His people. Just because they were made back when Jesus was on earth, doesn’t mean that they do not apply to us today.

What is good for them, is also good for us as well.

I have listed more “Promises 41” below and if you like you can print them…. it’s my pleasure that you would. Pass the on, send them to someone that needs to know what the Promises of God are.

If, you browse the website you will find more Promises which was made to all of us. Like : 34 Blessings of Christ and God’s Promises also God Promised He’s With You and here’s another one Promises of God. You can find more interesting things of God on our Sitemap so , I am in hopes you find these helpful to you as well.

41 of God’s Promises

  1. God is always there, He never leaves us.
  2. God is never going to forsake you.
  3. God is always listening to you.
  4. God gives you/ me peace.
  5. God gives you purity.
  6. God will always LOVE you.
  7. God will always guide you, when you ask him.
  8. God is always forgiving, never is unforgivable.
  9. God is always just.
  10. God is a Devoted God and he is towards you to, he is always wanting to help us, and always Loves Us, and guides us.
  11. God never gets tired of caring, for us. God’s Love never dies.
  12. God is never dishonest with us, if he was then His word is a Lie. I know by experience, God has never ever left me hanging, nor has He ever lied to me. His Promises in the Bible are true and they always, are what he says, they are.
  13. God, always protects us, it is us, that makes the stupid mistakes, in life, and we all know right from wrong. That’s just like, when you deliberately, stand out in speeding traffic, and you are expecting God, to stop and halt all traffic, and you still get ran over, that is a stupid mistake, you are tempting God. And, if you did do that, then you would deserve to get ran over, because of your own stupidity.
  14. God always, has His Judgments, and we all will be judged by Our Works, and if, you think, you will get by, then I suggest you read the bible. WE ALL FALL SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD. None of us, are His favorites, and get by. Yes, we are all His Children, but we all must pay for Our SINS.
  15. God, gives you life, just as he promised, but it is how we choose to live our lives, in what comes out of it. He sent His Son “JESUS” to save and give Life. SO you choose.
  16. God, gives us the freedom, in which we need, but He also, gives us the choice, of what to do, in life, and it’s up to us, to make the right choice. If, we stood, and decided, to sin and do all sinful things, then we are bounded by satan. If, we choose to do as God says do, we have the Freedom, in which He meant for us. So, again, what Choice do you want to make?
  17. God, is an understanding God, he knows and feels everything we feel, and how and what we need. He understands, our, sadness, and our grief’s, and our happiness. He knows, what we will end up facing before we do, and he never gives us nothing in which we cannot handle. And, He understands, if we do not want to do, it, but He also, knows best for us, we do not, he always does.
  18. God, gives people blessings and miracles, but we must believe in Him, and if, we doubt, and not do what He wants us to do, to get what he has for us, then he will pass it right down to the next guy.
  19. God, always forgives, us, 7 x 7 and He does expect us, not to commit, sins, on purpose, but some of us, don’t mean to do the same things over again, but He is there to help us and forgive us.
  20. God, give complete deliverance, for all Our Sins, and all Our Woes, but again we must believe and trust in Him
  21. God, is Our Father, Lord and Master, Our Redeemer.
  22. God, is Our Comforter, when we are upset, or saddened by death, etc. He is there to help us through, so do not never give up on Him.
  23. God, is Our Friend forever, He never leaves, us because of how our children act, or what they do, I had a friend do that to me, because of how my son was acting and doing behind our backs, and my friend left me, which was very wrong, because I needed her.
  24. God, is Our Lover, Friend and Husband.
  25. God, is our Guiding Shepherd, He’s always there to show us the way.
  26. God, is our healer and our doctor, He can do anything.
  27. God, is Our Defender, in all Courts of Justice, He is Our Lawyer, through good and bad.
  28. God, is Our light, the way, and the truth. We must Look up!
  29. God, is filled with compassion, and He will always, be there, to hold us, and love us, no matter what, we do.
  30. God, is Unity.
  31. God, is JOY.
  32. God is Dedication to His children and what His Words say.
  33. God, is the ruler; there is no doubt about that.
  34. God, is the Victory in all things, that we do, or no matter, what we are experiencing, in our life, He still deserves all victory.
  35. God, is Our Vision, and Our Dreams, He is the Almighty.
  36. God, is Our Refuge.
  37. God is Our Lord of Hosts. Lords of all Lords.
  38. God, is All Peace.
  39. God, is Our Watchman.
  40. God, is Our Fulfillment in all things.
  41. God, is the Path which all of us, need to take, in our lives.


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