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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

41 Things We Must Not Do Or We Fail

41 Things We Must Not Do Or We Fail

Things We Must Not Do Or We Fail

That is one thing we can count on, is that GOD had a great plan to bring salvation to us all, but people will not listen and they just care
about themselves and what they feel like is more important than Serving God and His Simple Laws! One day though they will look up and see just how foolish they have been and wish they would’ve took the time out to do what we as “Christians” were and are to do.

41 Things We Must Not Do Or We Fail






1. DO NOT Deliberately commit sin(s), we know right from wrong.

2. DO NOT show “Disgrace.”

3. DO NOT show deceit.

4. DO NOT accuse others of something in which you do not know that they did or did not do.

5. DO NOT give out any type of THREATS to others.

6. DO NOT let the enemy frighten you; he can not hurt you as long as your heart is with Christ.

7. DO NOT mock GOD & Other’s.

8. DO NOT show being ashamed, of God or yourself, God made you, and all that you are.

9. DO NOT let other’s intimidate you, stand up for what you believe in, and that is Jesus Christ Our Lord.

10. DO NOT let noone defraud you.

11. DO NOT let noone judge you, for God is the Only Judge, and we all will be judged by Him one day.

12. DO NOT let noone cheat you, or talk you into doing something you do not want to do, or you DO NOT BELIEVE IN.

13. DO NOT let noone deceive you, in the last days; there will be many which become deceived, because they are ignorant to God’s Truth of
His Word.

14. DO NOT be disqualified for God’s blessings, always stand open to accept His Blessings in your life.

15. DO NOT be disobedient, this is a No No, and always do your very best to Obey, what God say’s. Yes, we all make mistakes, and seem to
overlook things; but God doesn’t.

16. DO NOT SWEAR on anything, it’s just like saying; “GOD’S NAME IN VAIN.”

17. DO NOT try to save yourself, or you will loose your life. You give your life you save your life, but if, you try to save your life,
you will loose it.

18. DO NOT pretend to be something you are not.

19. DO NOT hesitate when God’s talking to you. I have been guilty of this many times, and boy do I regret this. When you hear a still
small voice, listen and do as it say’s.

20. DO NOT have defective understanding; this can destroy your heart and soul.

21. DO NOT have defective sight, when you see something in which you should not be looking at, or watching, you know right from wrong,

22. DO NOT have defective emotions, which they can destroy your Faith in God, and what His Promises are.

23. DO NOT have defective devotion in your life, for we need devotion with God’s word and his fellowship. We all need that,

24. DO NOT have defective Faith, this can damage your Trust in which you have in the Lord Jesus Christ; we must stay in Faith, in
order to Please him.

25. DO NOT have defective distance, which will cause us to get lost, down the road we should be taking, and if you do, you will be lost
for eternity.

26. DO NOT doubt on anything that is of God, He will make sure His Children are taken care of, we may not like the decision sometimes,
but remember God knows us better than we know ourselves.

27. DO NOT have mistrust, in the Lord or His word, this is a very common flaw in people today, they think just because, that certain
thing, hasn’t happened yet, means we are not in God’s will, or just don’t want to trust Him, anymore. DO NOT BE GUILTY of this, because God has a plan
in each of our lives, and he knows what he is doing.

28. DO NOT be distracted, if you become distracted, from what you really need to be doing and keeping your eyes on Christ, then go to
another area, of your house, or room, to get your mind back on Him. Christ Jesus is Our Light, and He will not blind us. We have to always Keep Our Eyes
on Him.

29. DO NOT be discouraged, for this is what SATAN get’s a pleasure in, he wants us to, be confused, and discouraged, so he can
peak his way into our lives, and take control, and destroy us. DO NOT DO IT.

30. DO NOT BE DEFEATED….and whom am I speaking of? Satan and his followers, they will always try to find a way to get you, on
their side, refuse. Anytime this happens, always look up and ask The Lord for help. He will give you the strength and power in which you need to overcome all

31. DO NOT Boast….bad news! When we boast we are like an ignorant FOOL.

32. DO NOT be of deceit, if you are, you need to QUIT and REPENT; this is also, like the FOOL.

33. DO NOT show Envy and Pride, for this is of SATAN, and he dwells, on this and he uses, all we say and do, against

34. DO NOT show anger, only Good Anger, towards, the wrongs of Christians and pray for those who have caused the anger within you,
for God will see you through.

35. DO NOT hold any GRUDGES, always make sure that you have did your cleanup in your life, towards, other’s before the day is out,
because you may not wake up, to do it, later.

36. DO NOT be guilty of treachery.

37. DO NOT take a “Husband’s Wife, nor Visa versa.”

38. DO NOT mourn, gripe and complain, of things you cannot change. Ask God to take care of what the problem is. Ask Him, to help
you cope with it, and be able to handle it, in a Christ-like way.

39. DO NOT make Excuses, for what you do, if you do, then ask God to help you with this problem, in your life.

40. DO NOT never refuse to help people, especially your PARENTS; we are to help others as Christ did. I have some Family members, which
refuse to give a helping hand, to others, unless it’s something in which they get something in return, to be doing it. THIS IS WRONG! And, all these
will be punished.

41. DO NOT speak with RASHNESS, it hurts and causes scars, what we say always hurts people, if we say things in the wrong
tone. DO NOT DO IT.

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