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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

40 Things We Must Do

40 Things We Must Do40 Things We Must Do

What We Must Do….at all times

That is one thing we can count on, is that GOD had a great plan to bring salvation to us all, but people will not listen and they just care
about themselves and what they feel like is more important than Serving God and His Simple Laws! One day though they will look up and see just how foolish they have been and wish they would’ve took the time out to do what we as
“Christians” were and are to do.


I have listed 40 Things We Are To Do Below!


1. Walk in Truth, and be Aware of the truth.

2. Working in Truth.

3. Welcoming the Truth.

4. Witnessing the Truth of Jesus Christ.

5. Defending the Truth.

6. Practice the Truth.

7. Knowing the Truth.

8. Memorizing the Truth of the Word.

9. Praying always, often, many times a day whether, it be just small prayers.

10. Make those sacrifices. Make them whether you feel like it or not, or want to.

11. Learn God’s Word and Acknowledge it.

12. Focus on God’s Ministry.

13. Obey God’s will and His Word.

14. Worship God, in all things, and give Thanks in everything, even if it’s something that happened which is bad.

15. Pray on His Will.

16. Walk in the Spirit.

17. Be devoted to God and His Works.

18. Except, what God gives you, no matter if it’s really what you want not, God knows best.

19. Keep your eyes on the Lord at all times, even when you don’t think it will do any good, Believe me it does.

20.Keep your Heart in His Word.

21. Flee from ALL Temptations, around you. Go into another room, and make that room, your hiding Place in Christ.

22. Share in Fellowship, and always tell other’s of Jesus Christ and what all he has done for you.

23. Share and Celebrations to the Lord.

24. Love the needy, because that is what Christ Jesus Does.

25. Love even the Leaders, of this World, (ex. Presidents, etc.)

26. Love the Church.

27. Love the Lord Your God, with all Your Heart.

28. Harvest yourself within His work, and His word.

29. Tell Other’s of God’s Law’s.

30. Give encouragement to other’s, as they take that walk with Christ, and also; give yourself, some encouragement.

31. Always be a Peacemaker, never cause strife.

32. Always, be willing to hear the Word of God, from other’s, never stop listening.

33. Memorize the Scriptures, because one day we will need it, to quote to other’s.

34. Be Persistent in Prayer, always believe in what you Pray for.

35. Rely, on God’s Promises, in which He made to you, in the beginning of time.

36. Receive His Word into your Heart and always, trust in it, never doubt it.

37. Forget all thing in your past, because when God forgave you, your past is History with Him, and you.

38. You Must Honor His Name.

39. Always Look Up, DO NOT LOOK DOWN.

40. Always Look Ahead, not behind you, when you do, it causes to much pain, and we tend to dwell on it, and it cause’s doubt’s and dis-belief.

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