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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

30 Things We Need To Watch Out For Today

30 Things We Need To Watch30 Things We Need To Watch Out For Today

There are so many people who can actually mislead us and bring us down, to where we are so depressed and out of it, because they bring doomsday news 24/7, they tell you all kinds of things, maybe not meaning to, but they think they know when this is going to happen and that this preacher or organization is corrupt or this one is driving nice cars, big nice houses etc.

What these people do not want to accept is that GOD PROSPERS THESE Ministers/ Preachers, while they spread the word of God around the world, not all Preachers/Ministers, etc are corrupt.

This is what God wants us to do, if we follow His word and do what He wants us to do, He Promises us we will PROSPER.
So before you go an talk bad about The Workers of God, stop and think, are you doing what God wants you to do, so you can prosper??

They will try to make you believe all kinds of things which does NOT follow in God’s Word. I am on Facebook allot, and I have had to remove
people because of their profanity, their nude photos, or their just down depressed post’s all the time.

If, people will learn to discern that some people cannot handle all that and that , it tears down their spiritual being and causes them more stress than what they are under already, they will quit.

I have listed 30 Things to Watch Out For below and If, you can think of more please let me know and I will list them on this page!

30 Things We Need To Watch Out For Today

  1. Watch Our Own Attitudes, first before we look at others.
  2. Watch Our Own Values, as we are looking to be as Christ wants us to be.\
  3. Watch and tell “Honest & Truthful Testimonies.”
  4. Watch Our Stewardship.
  5. Watch Our Own Motives, not to mis-use them.
  6. Watch Our Own Conduct, for Our Own Conduct can ruin Other’s coming to Christ Jesus.
  7. Watch Ourselves against Satan and His Evil Doer’s, and His traps, for they can get very troublesome.
  8. Watch the Face of Our Enemies. For they will be noticed.
  9. Watch Our Own Examples.
  10. Watch Over the Circumstances and the outcome.
  11. Watch Our and other’s Salvation, for we know of Our Own actions.
  12. Watch out for people that destroy others and their attitudes.
  13. Watch out for all Sin around you, because Sin can sneak in and can destroy you and you’re Families.
  14. Watch Our Priorities, and put them in Order.
  15. Watch out for the Cold Heart of other’s and how they act, and say.
  16. Watch out for those that are Greedy, and self-centered.
  17. Watch out for Pride, of other’s, because Pride also destroys.
  18. Watch out for False Prophets, they will come and make you believe things, in which are not true and things that are not there. Always be on guard.
  19. Watch out for false peace, because the only peace we shall have is, when the Father comes and gets His Church.
  20. Watch out for false protection and lies.
  21. Watch out for and AVOID False Hopes.
  22. Watch and keep Our Faith, for as small as a mustard seed, is all we need to pleasing the Lord Jesus Christ.
  23. Watch out for Our Own Patience, and do not stop.
  24. Watch out for people who talk bad about other ministries which are FULL of GOD and prospering through God.
  25. Watch out for people who think they know when Christ is going to Return, because in the Bible it states, No one knows the day not the hour of His return.
  26. Watch out for those who love to bring your spirits down and cause you to worry and be full of stress, we are not supposed to do things like that as Christians.
  27. Watch out for people who have nothing better to do with their time, except to bring turmoil into your life, this is another no no from
    the Word of God.
  28. Watch out for people who continues to think they know all about the laws of God and that they think they can get away with things they do, and causing misery
    to others.
  29. Watch out for people who prey on the elderly and the poor, people who depend on Jesus to get them through but there will be other’s who like to take from people and act like they are from a
    certain organization.
  30. Watch out for people who do not believe in Jesus and His Dying on the Cross and Rising again. Tell them it is true Jesus did and He was and He is.

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