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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

24 Things How Others Will Be In The Last Days

Lovers of self,Self Centered,Lovers of Money,Inordinate greedy desire for wealth,Proud, arrogant,Contemptuous boasters,Abusive Blasphemous,Scoffing,Disobedient to Parents,Ungrateful people,Unholy,Profane,Without Natural Human Affection,Callous, inhuman,Relentless Admitting of No Truce, Appeasement,Slanderers,False Accusers,Trouble Makers,Intemperate Loose in Morals and conduct,Uncontrolled and fierce Haters of God,Treacherous Betrayers, Rash, inflated with Self Conceit,Lovers of sensual pleasures,Vain Amusements,Deny and reject Strangers24 Things How Others Will Be In The Last Days
2 Timothy

One thing I seem to have a problem with, and that is those which think just because they believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and they live wrong, and curse, lie, steal and cheat and fornicate, and drink, and cares for money and love and worry about themselves, they think God is going to be pleased enough with them that they will be able to see “Jesus” and their loved ones.

Everyone, can believe in the “Son of God” and believe that Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood, but if their hearts are not right with Him, they will not be able to see Heaven, they will be lost.

And, why would God want those kinds of people in Heaven, that only care for themselves and are workers of iniquity? I have listed some things below, which will show some things and ways people will be in the end times, and we are definitely in the end times and Jesus is soon Coming!

Chapter 3 of 2 Timothy

Chapter 3:1 In this chapter it tells us to stay away from people which are like the following:

1. Lovers of self
2. Self Centered
3. Lovers of Money
4. Inordinate greedy desire for wealth
5. Proud, arrogant
6. Contemptuous boasters
7. Abusive Blasphemous
8. Scoffing
9. Disobedient to Parents
10. Ungrateful people
11. Unholy
12. Profane
13. Without Natural Human Affection
14. Callous, inhuman
15. Relentless Admitting of No Truce, Appeasement
16. Slanderers
17. False Accusers
18. Trouble Makers
19. Intemperate Loose in Morals and conduct
20. Uncontrolled and fierce Haters of God
21. Treacherous Betrayers, Rash, inflated with Self Conceit
22. Lovers of sensual pleasures
23. Vain Amusements
24. Deny and reject Strangers


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