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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

16 Things Done To The Messiah

16 Things Done To The Messiah 16 Things Done To The Messiah
Isaiah 53:7

Through many hardships— Those who commit themselves to Christ’s Lordship and who will finally enter the Kingdom of Christ must suffer, many hardships along the way. Living in a Hostile World, they must engage in spiritual warfare against sin and satans power.

Suffering For Jesus is something anyone should be glad to do. As Jesus suffered way much more than we can imagine.
Suffering in bad health, or something else in our lives, is really minor compared to what “Jesus DID for You and Me!”
I have listed “16 More Things Done to The Messiah (Jesus)” so I am in hopes once again that they will help you see just what all He went through compared to what we go through here on earth.


16 Things Done To The Messiah


Marred His Visage

Isaiah 52:14 , 53:2-3


Marred His Form

Isaiah 52:14


Disobeyed in Him

Isaiah 52:1


Despised Him

Isaiah 53:3


Rejected Him



Hid Faces From Him



Esteemed Him of No Value



Esteemed Him ad Suffering Justice for His Own Crimes

Isaiah 53:4


Went Astray from Him

Isaiah 53:6


Ignored Him and Went Own Ways



Oppressed Him

Isaiah 53:7


Afflicted Him



Slew Him In Anger

Isaiah 53:7-8


Took Justice From Him

Isaiah 53:8-9


Buried Him with The Wicked

Isaiah 53:9


Classed Him As A Criminal

Isaiah 53:12


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