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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

14 Signs Of Christ’s Return

14 Signs Of Christ’s Return

Luke 18:16 , Acts 1:3,6-7,9-11, Matt 16:27, 1Thess 4:14-17

I heard this on my computer from a Christian web site, I belong to and thought maybe you may want to write it down or make some flyers and hand them out, or just tell people.

We all wonder I am sure if , we will see Jesus Christ when He returns for His church.

Every eye shall see him , coming in the clouds, and will be visible, ALL WILL SEE HIM. As Jesus looked like a normal Human being No Long Hair. Some people have made Him to be long hair etc. in pictures, but none is absolutely sure if He did or not. I have not read anything stating Jesus had short hair or long, but this Prophecy Website says, He don’t . So, we will take it that Jesus did not have long hair. I am very positive if, He did it has to be in the Bible some place.

Setup the Kingdom of God the world be ruled by the “Lord Jesus Christ” Last trumpet he will return, on a white horse.

Rev 6 Jesus opens the 7th seal. Rev. 3
Sec SealRed Seal
,3 SealBlack Seal, 4th SealPale Horse. 5th SealIs
Religious Persecution
, 6th Seal is Heavenly
, 7th Seal is Angels Pouring out God’s

White Horse is the False Prophet
Red Horse is Red
Black Horse is Famine
Pale Horse is Disease

Fear of The Lord Deut 10:12

  1. Walking in His ways is to Love Him

  2. Keep His Commandments

  3. To Love the Unlovable

  4. Serve Him, whether singing, choir, witnessing, handing out flyer’s etc

  5. With all thine heart keep his statues

  6. Obey His voice, serve and cleave unto him. Deut 13:4

God comes down to your level, God has to do what He says He will do. The Covenant, he walked thru the blood. He has to go by His own word. Gen 15

God is, ever mindful of his Covenant, he made the promises, he has to do as he promised.

REDEMPTION Psalm 111:5

Holy Reverent in His Name!
Do His Commandments, what He says He will do! Always, remember God will do what he says he will do. God, won’t tell you to do something, he wont do.
If, you don’t walk in the fear of the Lord. Gen 12:12 Proverbs 8:15 Hate evil, all kinds 3:7 Depart from evil man’s evil ways, refuse to do evil and evil ways.

God is concerned who you hang with. It will corrupt you,


There are REWARDS and BLESSINGS for walking in His commandment’s, and it’s better to live for the Lord than the DEVIL, living for the Devil has no Rewards, only thing you will receive from being the Devils buddy is pain heartache and Everlasting Fire. Living, trusting in the Lord is more rewarding than anything, material you have or can get.

ALL GOOD THINGS COME FROM HIM. The Lord God, can give you the World, but you must live for him love him. Goodness, where you can just tell him what
you want and You Will Get It!

God has Angels working on your behalf when you SPEAK the WORD, not by our word’s. Ps 103:20, Ps 91:11-12
If, you want Angels to be active in your life, you must be a person of prayer and a person who gives. Acts 10:2 , 10:3,4

Hebrews is a Book which tells us how we can live in Chapter 6, 4:56 5:8,9 Heb 19:20, 1 Cor 6:11, 2-4, Gal 3:2-5 5:19, Rom 5:19 & 20

Saints will judge the world and we will judge the Angels.


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