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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

The Rewards of Wisdom 13


WISDOM—Chapter 7

The Rewards of Wisdom

Wisdom is a special capacity, necessary for full human living; it can be acquired through education and the application of the mind.

1 I, too, am mortal, like everyone else. I am a descendant of the first man formed from the earth; in my mother’s womb I was fashioned into a body.

2 For nine months I developed, having come from the seed of man and the pleasure of marriage.

3 When I was born, I breathed the air we all breathe and was laid upon the earth that bears us all. The first sound I uttered was a cry, as is true with everyone else.

4 Snugly wrapped in strips of cloth, I was nursed with care.

5 And no king had a beginning that was any different.

6 For all people have one entrance into life, and all have a common exit.

7 So I prayed, and I was given understanding; I pleaded, and the spirit of wisdom came upon me.

8 I preferred wisdom to power and kingship; riches were as nothing compared to her.

9 I did not compare her to any precious stone, for gold is but a little sand in comparison to her, and silver is as clay.

10 I loved her more than health and beauty; I preferred her even to light, for her light cannot be extinguished.

11 All good things came to me along with her; innumerable riches accompanied her.

12 I rejoiced in all these things, because wisdom brought them to me, though I did not know that wisdom was the mother of them all.

13 I learned diligently, and I teach others freely. I do not hide wisdom’s riches,

14 for they are an infinite treasure to people. Those who use wisdom’s riches become friends of God and are commended for the benefits of learning.

15 May God grant me the ability to speak wisely and to think thoughts worthy of all I have learned. He is the guide of wisdom and the director of the wise.

16 We and our words are in his hands along with all knowledge and skills.

17 For he has given me true knowledge of what exists. I know how the world and the elements work.

18 I know all the ages from beginning to end, the movements of the sun and the changes of seasons.

19 I know the cycles of the year and the various constellations,

20 the nature of animals and the instincts of wild beasts. I know the power of spirits and the way people think, the varieties of plants, and the roots that are beneficial.

21 I know what is hidden and what is visible, for wisdom, the designer of all things, taught me.

The Nature of Wisdom

22 Wisdom’s spirit is intelligent, holy, unique, many-faceted, subtle, active, clear, undefiled, certain, sweet, benevolent, sharp, irresistible,

23 helpful, kind, firm, sure, and secure. Wisdom’s spirit is all-powerful and oversees all things. It permeates every intelligent, pure, and perceptive spirit.

24 Wisdom is more active than motion itself. She pervades and permeates everything by her purity.

25 For she is a cloud of God’s power, a pure revelation of the glory of the Almighty. Therefore, nothing that is defiled can reach her.

26 For she is the reflection of eternal light, the spotless mirror of God’s power, and the image of his goodness.

27 She is only one, but she can do all things. She herself remains the same, but she renews all things. In every generation she gives herself to holy souls, making them prophets and friends of God.

28 For God loves none as much as those who dwell with wisdom.

29 She is more beautiful than the sun, more wonderful than all the constellations of stars. She is superior even to the sun’s light,

30 for daylight is followed by night, but no evil can overcome wisdom.

WISDOM—Chapter 8

The Rewards of Wisdom

1 Wisdom reaches from one end of the earth to the other and governs all things well.

2 I have loved her and sought her from my youth. I have desired to take her for my bride, for I am enamored with her beauty.

3 She enhances her noble birth by living with God, and the Lord of all loves her.

4 For she has received the knowledge of God; she is his helper in all he does.

5 If you desire riches in life, what is richer than wisdom, who is the cause of all things?

6 If understanding is effective, what about wisdom, who designed all things?

7 And if a person loves righteousness, wisdom’s labors have great virtue, for she teaches self-control, prudence, justice, and courage— the most valuable attributes in life.

8 And if a person desires much knowledge, wisdom knows the past and foresees the future. She knows the subtleties of speech and the solutions of riddles. She foreknows signs and wonders and the outcome of times and ages yet to come.

9 So I determined to take wisdom to live with me, knowing that she would give me good instruction and comfort me in my cares and grief.

10 Because of her, the multitudes honor me, and the elders esteem me, though I am young.

11 I will be found wise in judgment, and I will be admired by the mighty.

12 They will wait for me when I am silent, and they will pay attention when I speak. And if I talk at length, they will not interrupt me.

13 Because of wisdom I will be immortal; I will leave an everlasting memory to those who come after me.

14 I will rule the people, and nations will be subject to me.

15 Tyrants will quake when they hear my name; my people will find that I am good and valiant in war.

16 When I go into my home, I will find rest with wisdom, for companionship with her has no bitterness. To live with her is to live without pain in joy and gladness.

A Prayer for Wisdom

17 I pondered these things and weighed them in my mind— that associating with wisdom brings immortality,

18 that her friendship is pure delight, that her activities bring great wealth, that her companionship brings understanding, and that a person gains respect by sharing her words. Then I went about seeking how I might get wisdom for myself.

19 I was born a gifted child, and I was naturally good.*

20 Better yet, since I was good, I was given an undefiled body.

21 But I knew I could not possess wisdom unless God gave her to me. It was a sign of intelligence that I knew who had given me wisdom. So I went to the Lord and pleaded with him. With my whole heart I said:

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