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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Kings Should Seek Wisdom 12


WISDOM—Chapter 5

Kings Should Seek Wisdom

Wisdom is a special capacity, necessary for full human living; it can be acquired through education and the application of the mind.

The Kings Should Seek Wisdom

1 Then the righteous will stand up with great confidence to confront those who have persecuted them and ridiculed their actions.

2 Those who see the righteous will tremble with terrible fear and will be surprised and amazed at their salvation.

3 They will speak to each other with words of repentance. They will groan in anguish and say,

4 “These are the people we once derided! We were fools to reproach them. We thought they were crazy; we thought they died without honor.

5 Look, now they are regarded as children of God. They are listed among the saints.

6 We were the ones who strayed from the truth. The light of righteousness has not shined on us, and the sun has not risen upon us.

7 We took all the paths of wickedness and destruction and walked through the wilderness, but we did not find the way of the Lord.

8 “But how has our pride helped us? What has our boasting about riches gained us?

9 All those things have passed away like a shadow and like a fleeting rumor.

10 They have vanished like a ship passing through the waves, leaving no trace of its passage, no track of its path in the waves.

11 They are like a bird flying through the air, leaving no evidence of its passage— only the sound of wings beating the light air, parting the air by the force of its flight. It moves its wings and passes through, yet it leaves no trace of its path.

12 They are like an arrow shot at a target. The air divides and comes together again, so that no one knows its route.

13 So it is with us; we die almost as soon as we are born. And we have left nothing of virtue behind, for we were consumed by our wickedness.”

14 The hope of the wicked is like thistledown blown by the wind or like foam blown by a storm. It is like smoke dissipated by the wind. It is soon forgotten like the memory of a one-day guest.

15 But the righteous will live forever, and their reward is in the Lord’s keeping. The Most High takes care of them.

16 Therefore, they will receive a glorious crown, a beautiful diadem from the Lord. For he will cover them with his right hand, and he will shield them with his arm.

17 The Lord will use his zeal as armor and all creation as a weapon against his enemies.

18 He will put on righteousness as body armor, and he will wear impartial justice as a helmet.

19 He will take holiness for an invincible shield,

20 and he will sharpen his stern wrath as a sword. All creation will join his fight against his frantic enemies.

21 Shafts of lightning will strike with pinpoint accuracy, shooting from the clouds like arrows from a fully drawn bow.

22 Hailstones of wrath will be catapulted upon the enemy. The sea will rage against them, and the rivers will flood them in a torrent.

23 A mighty wind will blow over them, and like a whirlwind it will winnow them. So lawlessness will destroy the earth, and wickedness will overthrow rulers.

WISDOM—Chapter 6

Kings Should Seek Wisdom

1 Hear, then, you kings, and understand; learn, you who judge everyone on earth.

2 Listen, you who rule over many people and govern numerous nations.

3 Your authority was given to you by the Lord, and your power comes from the Most High. He will examine your works and scrutinize your plans.

4 You are the servants of his kingdom, but you have not judged justly. You have not upheld the law of Moses or lived according to the will of God.

5 He will come against you terribly and quickly, because severe judgment falls on those with great authority.

6 To the lowly, mercy may be granted; but those who are great will be greatly tested.

7 For the Lord will not stand in awe of anyone, nor will he step aside for greatness. He made both the small and the great, and he regards them all the same.

8 But greater scrutiny awaits the powerful.

9 So my words are directed to you, O kings, in order that you may learn wisdom and not depart from it.

10 For those who have treated the sacred with holiness will be considered holy, and those who have learned these things will know how to defend themselves.

11 Therefore, be eager to hear my words; long for them, and you will be instructed. The Way to Wisdom

12 Wisdom is glorious and never fades away. She is easily seen by those who love her; she is found by those who seek her.

13 She is quick to show herself to all who desire her.

14 Those who rise early to seek her will not find it difficult, for they will find her sitting at the gate.

15 Meditating upon wisdom brings perfect understanding, and those who watch for her will soon be free from care.

16 For she goes about seeking those who are worthy of her; she graciously shows herself to them in their daily activities and meets them in every thought they have.

17 The beginning of wisdom is a sincere desire for instruction, and concern for instruction shows a love of wisdom.

18 To love wisdom is to keep her laws, and obeying her laws guarantees immortality.

19 Immortality brings one near to God;

20 so the desire for wisdom is the way to acquire a kingdom.

21 So if you kings desire thrones and scepters, honor wisdom, and you will reign forever. Wisdom’s Riches

22 Now I will tell what wisdom is and how she came to be. I will hide no secrets from you but will trace her steps from the beginning. I will bring knowledge of her to light and not bypass the truth.

23 I will not allow myself to be consumed with envy, for envy has nothing in common with wisdom.

24 A multitude of wise counselors brings salvation to the world, and a wise king brings stability to his people.

25 Therefore, be instructed by my words, and you will profit from them.

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