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John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Wisdom Forsakes the Wicked 8


WISDOM—Chapter 1

Wisdom Forsakes the Wicked

 Wisdom is a special capacity, necessary for full human living; it can be acquired through education and the application of the mind.

1 Love justice, you rulers of the earth. Think of the Lord in the right way, and seek him with a sincere heart,

2 for he is found by those who trust him, and he shows himself to those who have faith in him.

3 Dishonest thinking separates people from God. When his power is put to the test, it exposes fools for what they are.

4 Wisdom will not enter an evil person, nor will it dwell in a person enslaved by sin.

5 Someone with a disciplined, holy spirit will flee from deceit, abandon foolish thoughts, and withdraw when sin intrudes.

6 Wisdom is a spirit that is kind to humanity, but it holds blasphemers accountable for what they say. God knows their innermost being; he sees what is truly in their hearts and listens to them speak.

7 The Spirit of the Lord fills the whole world; he holds all things together and knows every word that is spoken.

8 Therefore, those who speak unjustly cannot escape notice. Justice will certainly punish them.

9 The thoughts of the ungodly will be carefully examined; their words will be reported to the Lord, and he will convict them of their sins.

10 His jealous ear hears all things; he does not ignore the sound of complaining.

11 So be sure you don’t engage in pointless grumbling, and keep your tongue from finding fault. Even what you say in private has consequences, and a lying tongue destroys the soul.

12 Do not court death by living a life of error; do not destroy yourself by your own actions.

13 God did not make death and he takes no pleasure in the destruction of the living.

14 He created all things so that they could exist, and everything he created is inclined toward wellness. There is no destructive poison in them. The grave has no power on earth,

15 for righteousness is immortal.

16 But the wicked invite death by their deeds and words. They consider death a friend, so they long for him. They have made a covenant with him because they belong together.

WISDOM—Chapter 2

The Wicked Say Life Is for Pleasure

1 The wicked have reached this irrational conclusion: “Our life is short and sad. There is no remedy for death; no one has returned from the grave.

2 We are born by chance, and when we die, it is as though we never existed. The breath in our nostrils is but a puff of smoke, and our reason is merely a spark kept alive by our beating hearts.

3 When that spark is extinguished, it will leave the body in ashes; our spirit will dissipate like a vapor.

4 In time even our name will be forgotten, and no one will remember anything we have done. Our life will pass away like the last wisp of a cloud; it will dissipate like mist that is driven away by sunlight and overcome by its heat.

5 For our days are but the passing of a shadow, and there is no return from death. Our fate is sealed, and no one can come back.

6 “Come, then, let’s enjoy the good things around us and take pleasure in creation with youthful zeal.

7 Let’s take our fill of costly wines and perfumes; let’s take time to enjoy the spring flowers.

8 Let’s crown ourselves with rosebuds before they wilt;

9 let’s stop in every meadow for joyous play. Let’s leave signs of joy everywhere, for this life is what we have inherited.

10 “Let’s oppress the righteous poor man and not spare the widow. Let’s dishonor the aged, whose hair is gray.

11 Let’s consider our might to be right, for the weak prove to be useless.

12 Let’s lie in wait for righteous people, for they are an embarrassment to us. They oppose our actions; they reproach us for breaking the law of Moses and rebelling against our upbringing.

13 They claim to know God and call themselves servants of God.

14 They tell us our thoughts are sinful; the very sight of these people bothers us.

15 They are not like other people; their ways are very different.

16 They regard us as insignificant and avoid our ways, calling them unclean. They say that the final destiny of the righteous is blessed, and they boast that God is their Father.

17 Let’s see then if their words are true; let’s watch what happens to them in the end.

18 If the righteous are the children of God, God will defend them and rescue them from their enemies’ control.

19 Let’s insult and torture them; then we will find out how meek and patient they are.

20 Let’s condemn them to a most shameful death, for they say God will protect them.”

21 They reasoned this way, but they were deceived, for their own evil blinded them.

22 They did not know the secret plan of God. They never expected that a holy life would have its rewards.

23 For God created people to be immortal; he made us in his own eternal image.

24 But because of the envy of the Devil, death came into the world, and all who belong to him experience it.

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