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Israel finally crossed the Jordan to enter into the Promised LandIs Your Promised Land Being Delayed

Joshua 3:17, tells us that the nation of Israel finally crossed the Jordan to enter into the Promised Land, but there was much of a delay, when they could've gotten there allot sooner than they did.

Why the delay? Let's point this out first, wildernesses, the mentalities, patterns of their thinking is what kept them wandering in the wilderness, and kept them from entering into the Promised Land for many years --- forty years to be exact!

One of the mentalities of the Israelites wilderness was the impatient attitude. They didn't know how to stay calm and be long suffering through hardships of the journey, they were taking to get to the Promised Land, so they can drive out the current occupants, so they could possess the Promised Land first.

If, only they were more patient and calm and if they were more steadfast, they would've gotten to the Promised Land a whole lot sooner than forty years.

It took me a long time to learn patience and when I did, God knew what He was doing to work my life into patience. God is awesome, and He wants all of us to enter into His Promises --- but we have to come out of our wilderness that we are in and be patient and steadfast, stop the complaining and murmuring about things and how long something takes, because it mainly depends on you and how you act when test's comes your way.

The more you resist God, the longer it will take for you to get out of your wilderness, you are going through.

Work with the Holy Spirit and let Him help you get out of your wilderness, because He develops the fruit of patience inside of you.

Make sure you are responsive and be patient in the trials which comes your way. I'm not perfect, I do not claim to be, I still make mistakes and I still have a along way to go before I am like I should be and want to be, but I do not give up.

I do know however, if you ignore the ways you can get out of your wilderness you will always be in your wilderness and you will always be fighting to find a way out. If, you want out of your wilderness, then you have to be patient, listen to the Holy Spirit and Obey and depend on Him to help you get out of it.

There is Joy in the Promises of God, and He wants you to get out of your Wilderness and into Your Promised Land He has waiting for YOU!

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