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Are You A Young Christian?

In Judges 6:35-40, Gideon, was wanting a sign from God. Sometimes there are people that want God to give them a sign, or to speak to them, just as Gideon had done when he laid a fleece on the floor.

Even though God did honor Gideon his request, Gideon missed out on God's best. God will give us a sign just as He did with Gideon, when we are young Christians.

However, when we mature in Christianity, and in our knowledge of God's leading in our lives, He is pleased when we learn to operate in our faith.

Our Faith which requires no signs in order to believe in God, and to Obey Him.

Don't miss God's best, use your faith and get knowledge from God's Word.

God will give you what you desire from Him, from you having Faith and Trusting In Him!







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