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God is, because He is so awesome and Big - His the great I am, His everything all wrapped up into one Huge Package. One nameJust who is God
Exodus 3:13

People always wonder who God is, where He is, why we can't see Him. (Exodus 3:14) God was talking to Moses and Moses asked him who He was - Hearing Gods answer "I am". He was saying He is everything! He is everywhere, He can do anything, anywhere, anytime, anyhow, anyway he wants to when He gets ready to.

So, many people, I get aggravated many time because so many people say. "There is no God, " but get they wouldn't be here if He didn't they wouldn't have what they have, or the children they have, the jobs, the cars the houses, etc.

It is hard to explain who God is, because He is so awesome and Big - His the great I am, His everything all wrapped up into one Huge Package. One name!

When Moses asked that question about who God was (Exodus 3:13) apparently the Lord did not want to get into along answer, about who He was, He simply and plainly told Moses, "You shall say, I am who has sent me to you, (Exodus 3:14) He continued to tell Moses: "I am who I am, and who I am and what I am and I will be what I will be."

God was saying to Moses, " You don't have to worry about Pharaoh or anybody else. I am able to take care of anything and everything you encounter. Whatever you need I am. Either I have it or I will get it. If, it doesn't exist, I will create it. I have everything covered, not just now but for all time, Relax."

So, we need not to worry about who we are, what we can do, what cannot do, or anything else. The great I am strengthens us in our weaknesses. As along as He is with us we can do whatever He wants is to or whatever we need to do.

We have to be more concerned and more alert on who God is than you are about who we are.

God is Plain and Simple: I AM WHO I AM almighty God, He's the everything!

So stop looking to man and worldly pleasures to find peace and tranquility, because unless you have God in your life you will always be an unhappy and lonely being.

Give God the glory and give Him your life because He will give you everything you need and then some.
Just as this article says!



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