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Be like the man in the parable who trusted in the Mercy of God ---- not in himself or in his own goodness Trusting In Yourself Trap
Luke 18:9-14

When reading in Luke 18:9-14, Jesus tells a parable to the people who "trusted in themselves."

They were proud, they felt confident that they were righteous, upright and in the right standing with God, why, because of their own works.

In the parable, it describes two people who came to the temple to pray. One was a Pharisee, and the other one was a tax-collector. The Pharisees were revered because they were religious, and the tax-collectors were hated because they were considered evil and wicked.

The Pharisee, took his stand and began to pray before and with himself. Luke 18:11 Did you notice what the Pharisee did? He wasn't talking to God, he was actually talking to himself. The Pharisee continues talking with himself. He compared himself with other's, which he considered lowly, like robbing and swindling, adulterers, even the tax collector.

The Pharisee was saying "Thank You God that I am not like he is, Thank you that I am so holy."

The Pharisee were very good tither's.

They gave their ten percent of little mint and leaf, every grain, of spice.

They never missed giving their tithes, but they were wicked at the core of their being.

Jesus referred to them as a bunch of "whitewashed tombs" full of dead men's bones. Jesus had a problem with the Pharisees because they put on a good show, but they had rotten hearts. Read Matthew 23:23-27

God, tells us to give a tithe of all our increases, but He does not tell us to presume that we know what others are doing. We are to give to God out of what we receive, and we are not be like the Pharisees and try to think we know what everyone else does or gives, because we don't.

STOP THINKING, "I'm better than you" attitude trying to do a comparison with other's, we are to Guard our hearts against self-righteousness attitudes.

Be like the man in the parable who trusted in the Mercy of God ---- not in himself or in his own goodness!

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