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   Are You To Busy
Luke 10:41

There are so many times I am sure where I have myself wasted so much time, my valuable time where I was always sitting at the computer working from the time I got up, until the early morning hours trying so hard to get all caught up, trying to make money. I was trying so hard to get my home based business up and running and going, I had 20 -30 Adsheet Customers.

There were times I know I missed the calling when we lived in Mississippi but, I was I guess you can say I was afraid to step out of my comfort zones. I seen myself teaching Sunday school, singing in front of the church --- but where I seen myself doing this, was in Alabama, not Mississippi, so I become afraid and scared.

I was so busy spending my time with God the way I thought I was to. I would get up early, feed hubby and get him off to work, pray and read my bible, then clean up the trailer and then start to work. But after looking back all those years I do believe Jesus was calling my name, because no matter where I lived, I could've done what I seen me doing could've been done anywhere.

Just like Jesus, implied more than one time to Martha, He called her Martha, Martha. Martha was too busy for relationships, cleaning, she chose to work and worry over intimacy. While she was so busy ---- she misused her time and she missed what was so important to her.

Mary, now she had much wisdom, she took the advantage of the moment. She could spend the rest of her life cleaning, but Jesus was there and she wanted Him to feel welcomed. Jesus, came to see her and Martha, not their clean house.

This sure don't mean we are not to be or have a clean house, but there is a time for everything. With Jesus there, it sure wasn't a time for housecleaning.

We have to use our wisdom God implanted in us, we shouldn't misuse it or be too busy to spend time with the Lord, He values us, and we should value Him as well.


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