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Welcome to Heaven's Beauty / Wisdom Of Our Lord Jesus

Welcome to "Stop Living In The Past, Let It Lay"

Stop Living In The Past, Let It Lay

"Stop Living In The Past, Let It Lay"

This is going to be a good one and a touchy subject, for some people but it has to be said, and it may also help some people understand just how painful it is and can be to live in the past.

Have you even thought, that if "Jesus" would return right here and now, and you haven't forgiven those who has hurt you, do you realize, you wouldn't get to go to heaven?

If, people would just let the past lay down and leave it be and cover it up deep into the ground, and stop letting it come in between their life's and the happiness of their lives and other's, wow can you imagine how much peace there would be in families today!

I can understand, reason's why sometimes you feel like you cannot just forgive those who has done you wrong, violated you, left you for dead, lied to you, accused you of something, or maybe even cheated on you, or called you names.

Look, I will tell you I HAVE BEEN THROUGH all the above, and no matter what people have done to me, or how many times they have gotten mad at me for trivial things, or raped me, lied to me, abused me, accused me of something in which I haven't done, cheated on me, used me to a pulp, stolen from me many times over, etc. look, YES YOU CAN!

Just, because people have hurt us really bad in our lives, doesn't mean we cannot forgive them, we have to forgive, forgiving someone doesn't necessarily mean we have to hang around them or visit them. BUT GOD WANTS US TO FORGIVE!!! Jesus FORGAVE YOU and that was even before you was thought of! Read Below!

The peace that would be in families all around the world, wow wouldn't that just be something.... I can see it now, there would be so much love going around this world would be so much better to live in. Can you imagine in your mind, that if there was more forgiveness in the hearts all over the world, that the evil will lay itself down and cover itself up in shame?

Joshua 1:2, tells us after Moses' death the law allowed the Israelites thirty days to mourn, after those days were completed, God told Joshua it was time for him to take his new position.

It was time to start moving forward towards new things. Joshua would miss Moses, but he knew he had to obey God and move on. There is a proper time for mourning those things that we have lost or that have come to an end.

Ultimately, we must make a choice to start living and making progress again. We all have a past, some nicer than other's, some worse than other's but we have to let them go, thanks to the Lord we all have a great future, and a good one, His words says. Read More in Jeremiah 29:11

Moses had done many things for Joshua and the Israelites before he died, they needed to learn how to handle new responsibilities after Moses died. They may not have felt prepared to step out into new things, but God knew they were ready.

It's really a good thing when we aren't ready because by us, not being ready, it causes us to lean on God more than in the flesh, because when we are not ready we usually try to lean on our flesh to get us through, but with God we can lean on Him to help us and bring us through.

When we lean on God, God gives us His grace and His mercy, He will help us to lean on Him more. If, all we do is depend our ourselves then God can't really uses us.

Anytime, we start new things it's always a little scary and frightening, but once we depend on God to help us they become old things. God will always have a new "thing" for us to do, once we complete something. We all need to learn how to step out of the old and step into the new!

We can do this and still be obedient to God. By letting go of the old past things in our lives, whether it be material or things which has happened in our lives, we have to let them go, they could continue to cause more trouble and unhappiness in our lives!

Anytime, we let go of past hurts, and things which has happened in our past by someone, or something or maybe something we was trying to accomplish and that didn't happen, let it go, let God renew your life and give you something else new to do and to become!!!

Just like when a person has had a bad past , maybe a very hurtful past, don't bring it up to them, leave it lay down and covered up, leave it alone let the person live in the new. God wants us all to live a good and happy fulfilled life and bringing up someone's past does not help a person.

God has something new for everyone, and He wants us to live in the new and leave the old far gone away from us, it's up to us to let the old stay old and the new become new.

In order for anyone to be able to grasp the new that God has placed before them, they have to leave the old past behind, allow others to become a new, a new person, new life, new relationship, new job, new house, friends, whatever it may be, never ever hold on to the old, always grasp the new.

God, I think reminded Joshua that Moses was dead, He was encouraged Him to let go of the past and go forward pressing on.

Whether someone has a had a bad past , whether someone hurt you, or someone had passed away, just let it go and live in the new, if someone has hurt you, forgive them please because if you continue on living in the past and causing someone else not to be able to move forward, and that is causing them pain.

Let the bad past lay-down-cover-it-up, the good things , the bad things leave them be, don't hold on to them where they are causing you more misery than the happiness you could be having by leaving the past lay down. Don't stay glued to your past, enjoy your present and enjoy the life God wants you to have, God will make more new things, good things come to you, just let all the past hurts lay down, let God do His thing, He knows what He is doing better than you and I could ever know.

No matter your past, no matter how bad it may have been God always has a new beginning for you--- you will always have a future a good one, if You Let God Give You a Good Future!!!!

Trust God, depend on Him, like Abraham did by God bringing Him to a new place, because He knew God was faithful, and God will be faithful to you as well.

Don't fall into the bad past, remember the Good Past, reach out the NEW FUTURE with GOD because GOD IS ABLE!!!

God has so many things waiting on you ----- but it all depends on you!






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