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Welcome to Heaven's Beauty / Wisdom Of Our Lord Jesus

Welcome to "The Temptations / Matthew 4"

 “Jesus was Tempted by Satan in the Wilderness”

As if going through a final test of preparation, Jesus was tempted by Satan in the wilderness.

Three specific parts of the Temptation are listed by Matthew. They are familiar because we face the same kinds of temptations. As the chart shows, temptation is often the combination of a real need and a possible doubt that creates an inappropriate desire.

Jesus demonstrates both the importance and effectiveness of knowing and applying Scripture to combat temptation.


Real need used as basis temptations

Doubt that made  temptation real

Potential weaknesses Satan sought to exploit

Jesus’ answer

Make bread

Physical need: Hunger

Would God provide food?

Hunger, impatience, need to “prove his sonship”

Deuteronomy 8:3 “Depend on God” Focus: God’s purpose

Dare God to rescue you (based on misapplied Scripture, Psalm 91:11-12)

Emotional need: Security

Would God protect?

Pride, insecurity, need to test God

Deuteronomy 6:16 “Don’t test God” Focus: God’s plan

Worship me! (Satan)

Psychological need: significance, power, achievement

Would God rule?

Desire for quick power, easy solutions, need to prove equality with God

Deuteronomy 6:13 “No compromise with evil” Focus: God’s person


In 1 Corinthians 10:6-14, 13-22

God's Judgment --- When Israel sinned God disciplined them, and He will do the same to His people today. Do you practice, and tolerate in your life any of the sins, named here? And Here?

God gives His children freedom, but the freedom to sin is NOT Included.

God's Promise --- God knows how much we can take and what we cannot take or handle. He always provides a way of escape. Sometimes the smartest thing to do is to flee always look for the open door and the blessing on the other side.

Acts 19:23-41

Confront the Enemy --- Paul did not openly attack their idolatry by picketing the temple of Diana or petitioning the city government. He simply shared the word, and lives were changed.

Of, course, the real issue was money, not religion. Paul was wise not to go into the theater, although we admire him for this courage. But the riot only called attention to the gospel and gave the believers more opportunity to witness. Circumstances that look like obstacles are really opportunities when you let God Work.

In Galatians 5:16-26 (5:1,4,7,9)

Are you standing Free? -- Your freedom in Christ is a costly thing, for it to cost Jesus His life. In Him, you stand free, the yoke of the has has been removed.


Walking in the Spirit Are you failing? --- To fall from grace does not mean to one's salvation. It means to move out from the sphere of grace into the sphere of the law. It means to substitute regulations for a personal relationship with the Lord.

Note: satan is capable of destroying your life to get you to brake promises and commitments that you made to God. I am a witness to that. I would make these promises to the Lord and the devil would surely make sure that he destroys them some how or other.

Are you running on Course? --- Or has false teachings gotten you in a detour?

Are you being leavened? Jesus leavened to picture sin, like yeast, false prophets, teachings in introduced quietly.

It grows secretly and soon it affects every part of your life. Matthew 16:6-12



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