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You Have To Strike Back On Weariness"You Have To Strike Back On Weariness"

In Deuteronomy 25:17,18, we read where it tells us satan's methods of attack he uses assault, hinder and stops the believers. Amalek's attack on the Israelites is a type of attack satan did, as mentioned above.

The devil is always trying to attack us and lure us in his evil ways, he tries so hard to attack us in areas he knows we are weak in.

John 10:10, Amalek chose to attack the Israelites when they were faint and weary. Satan tries so hard to pull people into his traps and pull them straight down and causes them so much pain, causes them so much weariness and exhaustion so that once we are in that position, he thinks he can do and intensify his attacks on us to bring us down to his lowest level.

Are, you a Christian, that is struggling with so much weariness and being so exhausted, and all you want to do is just say 'forget it" or "I give up?"

I myself have truly been there so many times, I have lost count because no matter how hard I have tried to get things done, or try to be all I can be, the devil he sticks his big fat nose in and him knowing you are so very close to your breakthrough, he causes something to bring you down and stop you, and it causes you to not be able to complete what you had to get done.

Satan brings the attack of weariness on our body of Christ to keep us from receiving God's Harvest. God is preparing a great spiritual harvest, and the devil knows it to.

Watch when we plant a seed into the natural world, a lot can happen in the underground which we can't see. Because the root system needs to grow and needs to be established before we can actually see any harvest from it.

God's Kingdom, is based on the principle of seed planting and harvest. Mark 4:26-32

God is doing so much work, in the underground, all out from our sight, which in time He brings our planted seeds to fruitation. This is called the "growing stage" which is the point when many of us become weary and want to give up, and faint.

We are doing all we can do, and we just don't know what else we could do. We are trying so hard to stay positive and not faint in God. We find ourselves going and doing it over and over again, without seeing the results the breakthrough. We end up getting into a point of weariness.

We've planted our seeds of obedience in faithfulness and in diligence, but we lost our sight of the manner of how God operates, and His Kingdom to grow fruit.

Galatians 6:9 "And let us not loose heart and grow weary and faint in acting nobly and doing right for in due time and at the appointed season we shall reap, if we do not loosen and relax our courage and faint."

We need to remember that verse, it's a promise that God made to us. When the devil tries to attack us, we need to remind him and ourselves that God has our back and we will NOT let him take away from us what God had promised us.

When the devil attacks us, whether it be in body, or weariness or causes us to be fatigue we need to stir up the courage and the will power to fight back and get our strength built up and rise up against the devil with the TRUTH of GOD'S Word!

We can be as bold as we can get with the devil like the lion can be aggressive!

Never Give Up Stay In Faith!



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